El’Vee Catches Feelings

For Lilian and Vivian, life together and in sync has always made sense. The twin sisters found their passion for music and fashion together growing up in England but made a sound decision to move back to Nigeria to continue their career as El’Vee.

Of course, they didn’t just hop on a plane one day. Lilian noted a healthy dose of prayer and hard work got them back to Nigeria, while Vivian said it was all about saving, strategizing and making sure they were in the right state of mind. In the end it seems to be working out well.

Delivering Afro-Pop to the world, El’Vee has been featured on Nigerian Sounds and Sound City TV. They sat down to talk about the Nigerian scene, their latest single, “Feelings,” and catching those feels.

Kendra: Growing up, were you two always into the same thing but who found their way to music first?

El’vee: We both started singing in church together when we were kids, thanks to our mum for that however when we got to secondary school Vivian joined the choir first before Lilian then joined.

Kendra: What do you feel each of you brings to the table as an individual?

Lilian: I will say I bring a lot of creativity when creating our music as well a lot of our business opportunities and strategies.

Vivian: I’ll say I am most passionate about getting our songs delivered to the best of our abilities and also making sure we stay connected in other to have a productive flow of work.

Kendra: When it comes to the music scene in Nigeria, how does it differ from others and at the same time how does it feel like home?

El’Vee: We were born in Nigeria so moving back meant reconnecting back to our roots and home which is always a blessing. What differs in the music scene in Nigeria compared to other parts of the world is definitely the accessibility of talent and great producers to work with. However, we do need a lot more structure in the Nigerian music industry.

Kendra: Was the process of making “Feelings” filled with any unexpected bumps in the road or was it smooth sailing?

El’Vee: It was definitely smooth sailing, our producer Tiwezi made the beat which we loved when we first heard it. He has a way of bringing out the best in us, so we had a lot of fun making ‘feelings’

Kendra: Now, what was the last thing that made you catch “Feelings” as they say?

Vivian: What a funny question. I’d say I’m still catching feelings.

Lilian: Wooow, unfortunately, the last thing/person that made me catch feelings, I want to leave in the past.

Kendra: With “Feelings” dropping as the year is about to come to a close, what do you have planned for 2018?

El’Vee: As we are independent, we are focused on pushing “Feelings” heavily. Also, we intend to be consistent in putting out new materials as well as having more performances and collaborations

Kendra: Since you two are so in sync if you had to make a mixtape of performances that were just as in sync with one another…what five songs would have to be on it?

Destiny’s Child- “Stand Up for Love
B2K- “Everything
Brandy and Monica- “The Boy is Mine
Westlife- “Tell Me What Makes a Man
Blue- “Make Me Wanna

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