Bülow’s Next Big Move

Moving is nothing new to Bülow. At 17-years-old she’s lived more places than the average person twice her age. She feels it’s made her more independent. Which is a good thing because after she says goodbye to high school next year, she’s packing her things and leaving the Netherlands for Canada.

Doing music for as long as she can remember, the next step is to dive in 100% after graduation. But first, she’ll have to finish things up while simultaneously doing what she does with her latest single, “This Is Not a Love Song.” We talked about the single, her purposeful sound, and what’ next.

Kendra: When I hit play, what I heard was a delightful surprise. I got the feeling that you could be on stage with Justin Bieber with his Purpose tour. Maybe Bieber, maybe not but who were some inspirations behind Damaged, Vol. 1?

Bülow: A lot of artists have influenced my music, I love Blackbear. He has the coolest vibe. Other artists like “The Internet” I really dig, and I love Julia Michaels. Honestly obsessed with her and her writing.

Kendra: Many are expected to have at least one love song in their catalog but you went against the grain a bit with “This Is Not a Love Song.” Were you just tired of hearing the typical romance in music?

Bülow: I definitely have a sweet spot for a good love song because they’re easy to relate to. However, when I was writing “This Is Not A Love Song” I didn’t really care about that. I was trying to capture my experience and feelings in that moment and be honest with myself, and if someone can relate to that then that’s great.

Kendra: Knowing that you have many years to go in your career, what have you learned so far that you’ll take with you when it comes time to record Vol. 2?

Bülow: Through the creating of Damaged Vol. 1 learned that surrounding yourself with people who care about you and genuinely want to see you succeed is so important.

Kendra: Now, what’s going on with you musically speaking in 2018?

Bülow: In 2018, I will be graduating from high school. I can’t wait to fully devote my time to music and to just keep creating for myself as well as for others.

Kendra: While your wonderful single is “Not a Love Song,” if you had to make a mixtape of love songs you admire – what five would have to be on it?

Bülow: As for right now, if I had to make a mixtape of love songs…
Foreplay” by Jalen Santoy
4u” by Blackbear
I Feel Like I’m Drowning” by Two Feet
Room in Here” by Anderson .Paak feat. The Game
And of course, some old Taylor Swift would be on it


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