Violet Rose Finds The Reality of Plastic Situations

Taking something and simple as plastic as the inspiration behind an EP. Really that takes some pure creativity. Not many could do it, but LA’s own Violet Rose has. Her new record, Plastic, is out now and she sat down to talk about what went into crafting the album, her Marvel inspo, and a lack of passion being her worst enemy.

Kendra: When you were growing up, your family was supportive when it came to creative because they were also into the arts. Do you ever think of how you would’ve fared in a family full of non-creative types?

Violet Rose: Thankfully I have a mother that is a music teacher, which introduced me to the arts. I feel incredibly blessed to have a supportive family because I know that is rare. My mother always said if I wanted to be a singer and performer, I had to work endlessly at my craft. If I did not grow up in a family that supported music as a career, I would not have had the opportunities to pursue this dream relentlessly. My mother always said, “Talent is not born. It is created.” If these ideas were not instilled in me, my path would be quite different.

Kendra: Now you’ve got your EP, Plastic out. Music is often personal, but are there any aspects of the album that were inspired by the life around you?

Violet Rose: Most of the EP is what I have faced personally. In the studio, we started one song that was inspired by someone else’s situation they were currently facing, and it felt disingenuous. After realizing the disconnect, a new song, “Same Girl” was born. We wrote and recorded the song in one day. Through the melody of this song, my barriers begin to fall. My heart breaks through that song, and I feel that so many of my listeners can relate to it.

Kendra: Plastic and LA kind of go hand in hand. Did your locale play into the title at all?

Violet Rose: Plastic is commonly associated with Los Angeles but the song “Plastic” along with the EP title is a play on both the physical and theoretical ideas of plastic. “Plastic love always lies” can be looked at as artificial and false. But the physical properties of plastic are resilient and can be constructed into anything. With facing adversity or fake intentions, I am resilient and still believe in love with all my heart.

Kendra: You’re not shy about your love of Marvel. If you had to compare Plastic to a Marvel hero, who would it be and why?

Violet Rose: Spider-Woman is a huge inspiration because her power is Bio-electricity, which is the generation of electricity from a living organism. Her electric charge is released through her venom, and I believe you can physically feel the electric charge through your body when you listen to Plastic. Although a DC superhero, I would have to say Wonder Woman because she has super strength, peak human stamina, and stands for something bigger than herself. I feel that she embodies female empowerment, which should be embraced and celebrated. Also, I try to show my audience that you can do anything if you work hard at it. You are more powerful than you believe.

Kendra: Right now you’ve got this great video out for “Turn Me On,” but what’s your biggest turn-off? Not romantically but in general. What’s something people do that makes you say, “UGH, NO!”

Violet Rose: My biggest turn off is lack of passion and ambition. I cannot imagine doing anything in my life at half speed. You can say you want something or someone. But, if you are not taking the right steps towards it or fighting for it…it will never come to fruition. Also, anytime someone tries to shadow my light or does not add value to my positive outlook, I have to let them go. Life is incredibly short to make room for people that weigh you down instead of raising you up.

Kendra: Do you have any touring plans as we head into 2018?

Violet Rose: I plan on hitting both the East/ West coasts and a few cities in between. I cannot wait to share Plastic with as many audiences a possible.

Kendra: Now if you had to make a mixtape titled “Turn Me On,” what five songs would have to be on it?

Violet Rose:
Weaker Girl” – Banks
Woman” – Kesha
Corners of the Earth” – Odesza
Twice” – Little Dragon
Water Me” – FKA Twigs


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