Meekha Sets Mercury in Retrograde

If you’re ever in Portland around breakfast, lunch or dinner and hear a cascade of Disney songs, it may be coming from the kitchen of Meekha. Disney keeps her young, which coincidentally is the title of her debut single. We talked about what went into the debut, what’s to come from her upcoming EP, Mercury In Retrograde and more.

Kendra: Growing up with all brothers, do you feel like that impacted how you kind of attack the world and your career? I ask because I grew up in the middle of two brothers who were…we’ll say handfuls and it definitely shaped me to be more independent. What about you? Anything about who you are today based on growing up the lone girl?

Meekha: It definitely impacted me. I always wanted to play sports like my older brothers, so I got into basketball and snowboarding and probably became a tougher person because of that. I’d also have to defend myself in fights because they didn’t go easy on me so that definitely made me a fiery person.

Kendra: Perhaps some of your childhood inspired your debut single “Young?” Nevertheless, you sing about the pressure of growing older. A subject manner that hits everyone in the gut because it’s something we cannot avoid. At what point did you realize, it’s time to start acting more grown?

Meekha: It’s funny because I was actually quite a serious and mature kid. I’ve always known who I am and what I want. What really scared me about getting older was becoming bored with or angry about my life. So, in my early teen years, I realized the most important thing for me to do is to always follow my heart.

Kendra: At the same time, we should never abandon our youth altogether. What is the one or two things that will keep you forever young?

Meekha: I agree we should always keep a part of our youth around. For me that’s Disney! I always listen to the “Disney Hits” playlist on Spotify when I cook, I love to watch the movies regularly and Disney World will always be my favorite place in the world.


Kendra: Other than growing up, what are some of the other themes we’ll hear on your upcoming EP, Mercury in Retrograde?

Meekha: We focused in on the theme of knowing who you are and what you want, as I mentioned is true for myself earlier. There are also a few relationship stories. And my favorite song on the EP is about not living your life based on what holds you back, but rather living your life focused on what moves you forward, it’s written in a way that’s very personal yet universal at the same time.

Kendra: Let’s take a step away from music for a second to talk about a dream you had before music. Do you still have any WNBA dreams left in you?

Meekha: That dream will always be inside of me because I loved playing basketball so much. But that’s a career that takes years and years of practice to make it to that level. At this point, it will definitely remain a dream for me. It’s okay though; I would always pick music anyways.

Kendra: With that, if you could sing The National Anthem at any team’s sporting event – which would it have to be?

Meekha: I think all singers aspire to someday sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. That would be amazing if I’m not already doing the halftime show.

Kendra: We’re so close to being over and done with 2017. What are your plans heading into the new year?

Meekha: I’m really looking forward to planning the next step in my career, whether it be releasing a few separate singles after the EP or working on a whole new body of art. I’m most excited about finding more writers and producers to work with now that I’m on the west coast!

Kendra: At the end of last year, you took a Disney trip which seemed like a lot of fun! If you had to make a Disney mixtape for another trip though, which five Disney tracks would have to be on it?

Meekha: That’s easy!
Zero To Hero” – Hercules
Poor Unfortunate Souls” – The Little Mermaid
Friend Like Me” – Aladdin
Trashin’ The Camp” – Tarzan
Just Around The Riverbend” – Pocahontas


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