Louise Lemón’s Forward Motion

To sit stagnantly is not a life. We are not statues to be left on display. While it’d be nice to never deal with the pain of moving on, it’s a necessity to grow. Louise Lemón knows all too well about that. When it came time for her to pack her things and go, she felt the toll it tool on her both mentally and physically. All of that culminated into “Malex” a song that would later find its way on an EP by the same name. We talked about moving on, undead dinners and more.

Kendra: You’ve noted that “Malex” is about moving physically and mentally. We’ve all battled a Uhaul but in the grand scheme of things which is harder to deal with the physical or mental aspect of packing up and leaving?

Louise Lemón: The emotional part that is the toughest. This is where you make the decision, feel and deal with the process. When you’ve gone through that emotional part and the mind is ready, then the physical process isn’t more than packing up boxes. Moving on mentally is the work.

Kendra: Looking back, are you okay with the move?

Louise: I’m so happy about the move. I’m happy about being in movement and in a forward motion and I strive to be in motion all of my life. I want to evolve, learn more, about the world and about myself. Seeing new streets, new people, hearing new sounds, eating new food, that is what makes one understand themselves and what makes life exciting and interesting.

Kendra: Malex as a whole was recorded while you were recording your other EP from earlier this year. Why did you decide to release these tracks separately?

Louise: “Malex” is the last track I wrote when we were to record my EP Purge. This song has taken me in a bit of a different direction as a writer and I wanted to let this song have its own space.

Kendra: What was it like recording the Tailor Hill acoustic session?

Louise: We recorded the live session in a very old barn. It’s a special place and you can feel the past in the wooden walls. I was lucky to be able to record with a wonderful team in an intimate setting and we really made this song come to life in a new way together. Joining with my keyboardist was two amazing vocalists who filled this song with so much warmth and closeness. It’s always good to be in the Swedish woods to create.

Kendra: Your voice has this sort of haunting effect. With that, if you could chill with a musician who’s passed away for one night in the studio – who would you bring back from the dead for that once in a lifetime experience?

Louise: Thank you. My first thought is Jimi Hendrix. To share one night in a studio, doing a track with him, having my voice next to his guitar would be an absolute dream.

Kendra: Now that the new EP is out, what’s next for you?

Louise: I’m just making the final touches on my debut album which is to be released next year. I’m very excited about this album. I’ve recorded in the most amazing studios with Randall Dunn producing and really fantastic musicians playing. These songs have come to life in a way that I only imagined when I began to work on this album.

Kendra: When one is homesick there’s always music that helps them remember where they came from. For you, if you had to make a mixtape of the place you left – what five songs would have to be on it?

She’s Like the Wind” – Dirty Dancing
Wild Horses” – Rolling Stones
Go Your Own Way” – Fleetwood Mac
Carmensita” – Devendra Banhart
Slutet” – Bengtsarvet


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