Foxanne’s Scientific Sound

When singing competition shows were actually cool to watch, the best part was learning about these talented hopefuls day jobs. While Foxanne isn’t on one of those shows, her story reminded me of my days obsessing over those backstories. She spends her days as a science writer. Her nights (and probably parts of her days) are spent as an indie rock artist.

She has managed to find the balance between her two worlds. She talked about that, as well as her new, striking single, “Queen of the Lost Boys.” Now take a seat and get ready to fall for a very interesting character with a voice that demands your attention.

Kendra: We have to start with your day job because I am so intrigued that it’s science-based. What do you do when you’re not neck deep in music?

Foxanne: For my day job I work as a science writer. I studied science in college and explored research and more clinical routes initially but have always written (music, stories, poetry, anything) and decided to smash my two loves together in a way that allows me to make money while touring, performing, and recording.

Kendra: Science and music live in different boroughs when it comes to the brain. When you are working on music, does the science part take a break and turn off their lights and vice versa, or do they somehow play off one another?

Foxanne: Science and music, at least for me, absolutely work together in my brain. To me, science is, in part, an art and art is, in part, a science. They’ve always inspired each other in my life and I hope that as I learn and grow that continues to develop.

Kendra: So your latest single, “Queen of the Lost Boys” was this jab at both realms you occupy and the patriarchy that’s involved in both. When it comes to the music industry and the science community – which do you feel is starting to become a more even playing field?

Foxanne: Unfortunately, while both are slowly becoming a more even playing field, there is still so much rampant discrimination and division. Aside from the isolation and dismissive treatment of women in both fields, POC and members of the LGBTQIA community are still facing a battle that is very much uphill. There is ever-more inclusion in both sectors, but as we make progress, much like the unexpected findings of an experiment, we often find issues and inequalities that hadn’t been addressed or noticed by the mainstream. In both fields, I have been harassed and treated as less than capable, but I do feel that there is at least a driving push to continue making changes.

Kendra: Musically speaking, “Queen of the Lost Boys” is absolutely beautifully constructed. It’s both demure and demanding all at the same time and in the best ways. Is that what we can expect from Halfling?

Foxanne: Thank you so much! I do feel that that is an accurate description of “halfling” as a whole. Instrumentally, I like to play with dark and thick tones while manipulating dynamics and texture. You won’t find a song that has 1,000 different chords and key changes, but you will find a powerful mix of power and tenderness.


Kendra: We have to talk about your fandoms now. I noticed you’re a bit of a Potterhead, Trekkie and Disney fan. Of the three, which would you love to work with as an artist? Like they need you for a soundtrack – which one sparks your music juices the most?

Foxanne: Haha, I think that as an artist, wow I’m really stuck between Star Trek and Disney. It would be incredible to write for Disney, but musically I do honestly find myself more drawn to the potential of Star Trek. Foreboding and sinister themes often play with resonant tones in the show and it would be a DREAM to someday get space age with them.

Kendra: With the year coming to a close soon, what’s going on with you and the music? Any shows, more singles? Let us know.

Foxanne: After “Queen of the Lost Boys,” we plan to release our second single “Whiskey and Strawberries.” This will lead to our ultimate EP release (though of course, I’m already writing the next album). With the EP release, we hope to tour and really just spread the good word of Foxanne.

Kendra: You’ve met two of the biggest names in science and pop culture; Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. So if you were throwing a science get together and they were going to be there, what five songs would have to be on the mixtape for the party?

Boss Ass Bitch” – PTAF
Fancy Man” – Devendra Banhart (aka my musical heart)
Bring it On Home to Me” – Sam Cooke
Oh Lord” – Foxy Shazam
Jolene” – Dolly Parton

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