Your Official Invite to Jetty Bones’ Innocent Party

Earlier this month Jetty Bones finished up a lengthy run out on tour with The Wonder Years. After listening to the new EP, Old Women – I’m beyond upset that the tour failed to make it out west because I would’ve definitely emerged from my hermit hole to attend. Jetty Bones slaps you awake with an invigorating sound that gave way to a conversation about telling stories, looking back in our golden years, letting the pressure of life not get to you and so much more.

Kendra: First off, this year threw a very large rock in the wheels that turn my life and suddenly all music sounded the same except for Paramore and SZA’s new albums. Well, and now you. I absolutely loved “Innocent Party” from the second I heard it, and you’ve noted that you just want people to connect enough to share their stories and congrats. You’ve got that with me. Okay, now that I’ve rambled. For you, what was the first artist that made you connect and want to share your stories?

Jetty Bones: This question is so unique in its nature, that it threw a rock into my brain wheels for a minute. People often ask what music or artists were influential growing up, but this brings a new twist to that question. The most honest answer I could give you is a little vague. When I started writing music, I connected the most with what my relevant struggles were, a lot of that being an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I can’t pinpoint the first artist that made me want to share, but I can say that songs I connected to kept me going. They made me realize I wasn’t the only person who felt the things I did. That’s what made me want to share. Any opportunity where I can show someone they aren’t alone, I’m going to take it.

Kendra: Old Women is officially out now. When you look back at this record when you are a Golden Girl yourself, what are you going to remember most about creating the record?

Jetty Bones: I overanalyze intensely, so thinking about what I’ll be thinking about in the future is something I already think about in the present. (Being redundant is funny sometimes isn’t it?) While working on this record, I realized the old lady version of myself will vividly remember the team I had with me in the studio. The relationships behind the scenes and behind the songs really contributed to the end product.

Kendra: In “Innocent Party” you lament loud and proud about the hard work you’ve put in to be who you are today. What do you attribute those strides in your change to?

Jetty Bones: Realizing that it’s okay to admit that you have changed for the better. That’s the best way I can summarize it. We live in a world where people let the pressure of being perfect annihilate their growth. Whether you’re recovering from a situation the world threw at you, accepting that you used to make poor decisions, or finally unburying yourself from the post-traumatic shame of “allowing” someone to mistreat you, being able to talk about it is SO important. Sometimes that means admitting your fault, other times it’s the exact opposite – accepting that the fault wasn’t yours.

Kendra: I saw on Twitter that someone mistook your song for a Taylor Swift joint. Whether or not you were cool with that if you had to cover one of her songs which would you take and give a makeover in your style?

Jetty Bones: I am 100% cool with that. Her Red album is one of my favorite records actually. I also dig her new tunes, as much as people want to crucify me for that. Picking one song to redress is tough, but I’d have to go with “Begin Again” or “Better Than Revenge.” Two serious bangers, for sure.

Kendra: You spent some time on tour with The Wonder Years. They always seem to take people on the brink of breaking out with them. Do you feel like you gained a lot of new fans out with them?

Jetty Bones: Oh man, those guys rule. They definitely helped us reach people that could have otherwise taken years and I’m super grateful for that opportunity. We all (myself and the live band) felt like we genuinely connected with a lot of people. It’s less about making new fans and more about finding humans that just need encouragement and a little love. I got to meet a lot of great people and love on them so I would call that tour a success!

Kendra: I hope that you’ll be taking a little break for the holidays coming up, but what is actually up for you musically speaking as we end 2017 and head into 2018?

Jetty Bones: Taking a break publicly usually means doing more work behind the scenes. There isn’t a whole lot that I can say right now, but I can promise you that I’m always writing and playing odds and ends shows. We have a few Ohio shows before the year is out. We keep those updated online!

Kendra: Let’s go back to the stories inspired by music. With that, if you had to make a mixtape featuring songs that inspire you in that way – what five would have to be on it?

Jetty Bones:
I Can Feel a Hot One” – Manchester Orchestra
Eet” – Regina Spektor
Rapture” – Touché Amoré
Rejoice” – Julien Baker
Hiding” – Pianos Become the Teeth


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