Living Authentically with Selki

Not many think of the worst thing that could happen to them when they leave the house for the day. We’re sure Melbourne-based artist Selki surely wasn’t the day she found herself in the streets of Paris after being struck by a bus. Horrific, she did what many couldn’t and spun it into a positive note that changed not only her way of thinking about life, but also her musical career. We spoke of how the accident transformed her sound electronically, as well as her lyrical passion and more.

Kendra: All of our lives are broken up into chapters. All of our climaxes varying. It seems that the change in your plot came when you were struck by a Parisian bus. We’ll talk about life post-accident, but what was going on in the chapters before that point in your life? Were you heavily focused on music?

Selki: I had started playing music a year or so before but I was doing it pretty casually. I was just doing lots of folk-type gigs in bars and cafes and played in a few indie bands. I did it as a good creative outlet when I began studying my degree in Languages at Uni. The accident changed my path a lot in the way it opened me up to exploring electronic music. Before that I was indie; very into recording on tape and capturing stuff live and fresh. Music was a hobby something I always had on the side, rather than being a focus.

Kendra: You’ve noted that whole ordeal makes you want to live authentically? What was the first step you took towards doing that?

Selki: I guess not undermining and judging myself. Not questioning myself when I know inside something is wrong or write. Also taking risks, just because people say you can’t do things don’t accept the status quo, always strive for what you believe in and make active choices to make things happen in your life, aka don’t sit on the couch all day and expect big changes to come knocking at your door. Additionally, I began to celebrate my inner kooky creative, dressing as a feel and doing whatever makes me glow and feel at harmony with the world around me, however abstract this may be at times.

Kendra: You said you started to lean more towards electronic music because your broken bones left you unable to play instruments. Do you feel that shift opened you up creatively more than you could have ever imagined?

Selki: Completely. After working with a producer I loved the way you can get so creatively particular with electronic music. It gave me a whole new energy and love for music and I began realizing that it is something I really adore and I love the people you meet and the creative relationships you have along the way. Also, I have completely fallen in love with making beats, which is something me a few years ago would have never dreamed about.

Kendra: Your current single, “Skins,” has this happy go lucky sound but is chalked full of these grand mantras. Have you always written with such fervor?

Selki: Aha yep, to be honest, I write super poppy tracks filled with life lessons or stories that I have experienced or heard from different walks of life. I can’t seem to help it. I rarely sit down to write these songs, they often come randomly when I get an itch to have some expression time on the guitar or piano.

Kendra: With 2017 coming to an end sooner than later, do you have any plans for 2018 yet?

Selki: Record, record, and record some more. I’ve started making some house techno beats on the side that and traveling maybe organize a little tour overseas, keeping things pretty open at the moment.

Kendra: “Skins” has this powerful message of perseverance. So if you had to make a mixtape that matched that, what five songs would have to be on it?

Selki: Hard to say but here are a few songs that are upbeat and or have a good message about getting on with stuff and also make you reflective a bit on life

“Le Freak” – Rusted Root
We Are Young” fun. feat Janelle Monae
One Day” Asaf Avidan
Send Me on My Way” Rusted Root
Dog Days are Over” Florence and the Machine

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