All Hail Marilaine, The Queen of the Outcasts

One of our most overused terms has got to be, “Kids these days…” It’s a defense mechanism when it comes to aging. Calling out those younger than us somehow makes our old behinds feel better. The thing is, while we point a finger at “kids today” with their constant phone scrolling and fidget spinners…they aren’t all that bad. Yes, there are bad apples in every generation but let’s be real. Kids today are pretty freaking impressive. Actress Rowan Blanchard is smarter than people three times her age and artists like Marilaine? Well, she is one of the few doing what she do.

A 12-year-old who admits that pop was in her life when was “was really little” but notes, “Once I turned nine, I was introduced to Guns and Roses and ever since, I listen to all rock and no pop!” Today she’s a rocker girl with a heart made of pure metal. Which is why when listening to her single, “Queen of the Outcasts” you’ll hear someone who comes across like they’ve been doing it for twice as long as Marilaine’s been alive. Her rock meets demure goth style is a welcomed sound in a landscape filled with kids who just want to pop.

Kendra: I feel the average 12-year-old doesn’t have a lot of direction in where they want to go with their lives. Hell, a lot of 18, 25 and 40-year-olds aren’t sure either. When did you feel like this was what you needed to be doing right now?

Marilaine: It wasn’t really something that I decided. It was more of something that just happened. One day while I was listening to rock music in the car, I wished that I could be in a band and play guitar. I kept asking for a guitar for almost 2 years until my mom finally got me one for Christmas. I learned how to play, joined my first band and everything just started to grow and keep going until I made it to where I am today!

Kendra: Lyrically, where do you draw from in your life?

Marilaine: I get my ideas for songs from lots of places. Life experiences, my friends, the news, YouTube, things I see on the street…basically everywhere!

Kendra: The age you are right now is when most start to feel that feeling of not fitting in. Was that something that you felt going on in your own life when it came to “Queen of the Outcasts?”

Marilaine: Well, at the time, I didn’t have too many friends because I liked to hang out with a few of the boys at my school who didn’t have many friends either. We never really fit in with the rest of the kids at our school, so that had a lot to do with the song.

Kendra: Kudos by the way. The song sounds amazing. It was like this sort of light-goth feel to it, but it also sounded like something one would hear from an artist twice as old as yourself. Who did you come up appreciating vocally that you looked at and admired?

Marilaine: I admire so many artists that it’s really hard to choose just one. I admire Melanie Martinez, James Hetfield, Axl Rose, Christina Perri, Sebastian Bach, Adam Levine, and everyone in the band Hollywood Undead (they all sing).


Kendra: Everyone likes to think that adults know it all. We don’t. You definitely have a lot to learn about music as you continue, but what is one thing you feel you have a grasp on already that some older people don’t?

Marilaine: I feel like some adults think that you can come to Hollywood or any other big city that the entertainment industry is big and automatically end up famous. I’ve known from the start that it takes hard work to and a lot of time to make it and earn lots of money.

Kendra: This year’s just about up. What’s going on with you musically speaking? Will “Queen of the Outcasts” be on a record soon?

Marilaine: I have been working on several other singles that will be released next year. I don’t think that Queen of the Outcasts will be on a record. I think it will remain a single.

Kendra: Going back to the metal fan that you are. Let’s say you had to make the Most Metal Mixtape Ever. What five songs would be on it?

Moth Into Flame”- Metallica
Metal Health” – Quiet Riot
Crawling” – Linkin Park
Master of Puppets” – Metallica
California Dreaming” – Hollywood Undead

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