Frida Sundemo Shines Gold in the Infinite Abyss

Last week MTV brought back TRL. It was bittersweet because now that I’m older and away from paying for cable, it wasn’t something I’d care to watch BUT at the same time I was happy there was videos back on the channel. Every part of me hopes in between Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes there is room for artists like Frida Sundemo because the girl is fire. Especially her video for “Gold.” It’s been a minute since a music video has kept my attention for more than three seconds.

Frida shared about the video, the end of the world, Sweden, her debut which is out now, and much more like the creativity sparked by space.

Kendra: All I know about Sweden is what’s comes to me via the Travel Channel and HGTV. We see the eateries and houses, but never the music scene. What’s it like over there for musicians and fans of music?

Frida Sundemo: I’d say it’s a nice place for people who love music! Sweden has been successful in exporting music under the last decades and I believe that’s creating a positive environment for artists, songwriters, and producers. You feel like it’s possible to get your music out there.

Kendra: So we have to talk about your video for “Gold” because it is absolutely wonderful. First off, it’s cinematic realness, LOVE. Who do we have to thank for the look of the clip?

Frida: Thank you, I really love it too! Mats Udd is the director and Viktor Skogqvist the photographer. Both based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kendra: It’s set in this kind of post-apocalyptic world. Have you given much thought to what you’d do if society suddenly went to shit and fell?

Frida: No, not really, haha. But I spend much time thinking about how fragile life is and that you don’t know how many days you’ll live. I think that’s good in a certain amount; you need a little of it to really appreciate life. But if you think too much of it you’ll miss out on enjoying life instead. It’s a delicate balance.

Kendra: Perhaps you’d try and find a way to space because you are really into it. In fact, you’ve said that’s the ongoing theme of your debut Flashbacks and Futures. What came first, the love of music or space?

Frida: The love of music, definitely. It’s like music is a fundamental part of me and everything else I love are pieces that enhance the music.

Kendra: I love when you said that space doesn’t need a filter. That it’s that beautiful. Have you ever felt that way about a song you wrote?

Frida: I love that question! I actually always try and write music that doesn’t depend on its production. And productions to songs are pretty much like what filters are to photos, I guess. So, I’m always aiming for that when I’m writing music and I think I’ve succeeded sometimes, yes.

Kendra: Some tend to feel small when they think of the universe, but you’re like the opposite. You say it makes you create bigger. Why is that?

Frida: Because everything is so big and majestic out there. So, relatively speaking, what would seem really big on Earth doesn’t seem that big in space. You can just go for it! I love that.

Kendra: Now that the album’s out, what’s next on the agenda?

Frida: I’m gonna keep promoting it. I’m playing a show in Berlin this week, and I’m going to London soon. Hopefully, I’ll do a longer tour this spring! And I’ll keep writing new music. That’s what I love the most.

Kendra: Say it happens. The world falls to shit and you’ve got a one-way ticket to another planet that can house life. What five songs have to be on your space trip?

Disguised God (Prelude)” by Lars-Erik Larsson
Take It With Me” by Tom Waits
No Surprises” by Radiohead
Regra Três” by Doris Monteiro
This Land (from the soundtrack to The Lion King)” by Hans Zimmer


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