Belle Miners’ International Friendship & Wise Debut

Tilly Morris (Penney and Logan)

Distance can be a bitch, but the three that makeup Belle Miners have found a way to make it work despite being almost 9,000 miles away from one another. Marina Avros talked about how they came together to create their debut, Powerful Owl and all we have to say is thank goodness for technology. She also opened up about that one time a poet drove across country to tell her she loved her, marriage equality, and so much more.

After you read all of what Marina Avros has to say, make a mental and physical note about Powerful Owl dropping November 3.

Kendra: You’ve seemed to make it work, but has there been times where the distance of two of you being in Australia and one of you being in Canada ever caused major stress?

Marina Avros: As a group, we’ve adopted the phrase “everything will work out” and that has done a really good job of keeping stress levels at a minimum regarding our little business of music.

The digital world is pretty awesome for working out admin tasks and we have a seriously excellent and passionate manager who is super on top of the game. We love each other so much and the only true stress comes if something major happens that relates to our personal lives. When Jaime was in and out of hospital dealing with multiple brain surgeries we were feeling all the feels over that for sure. You have no idea what a relief it was when that final surgery was completed.

I think once you go through something like that as a band your perspective on what really matters transforms and the usual petty stress makers that arise get shut-down pretty quick. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’re all human here, emotions happen but the beauty and power of our experiences and friendship keep us moving forward in a really meaningful way.

Kendra: Again, you’ve made it work and have a new album coming out in early November. Listening to Powerful Owl, can you hear where each of you individually shone the most?

Marina: The first time that I listened to Powerful Owl I was way out in the bush in Northern Alberta at my Fire Lookout. I had my earphones in and was lying down and I remember crying with joy and having this incredible feeling that everything I have sacrificed in these past years on this musical journey was totally worth it.

Felicia was so grounding and fun to be around in the studio. When I hear her tracks I always marvel at the absolute mastery she has over her vocal cords. Jaime was super inspiring to behold in front of the mixing console. The complexity of some of her songs totally blows me away. Our producers did a fantastic job of blending our vocals and backing us up with really cinematic instrumental arrangements. I can’t wait for you to hear the album!

Kendra: The lead single, “Fall in Love With Me” is out now and based on a true story of a poet who traveled four days to profess their love to you. Umm…romantic much? That made me think of a scene from a movie. So if that experience was ever made into a film who would play the parts?

Marina: Awwww geez…this is a tough question. I’m not very good at remembering actors names. hmm, I would definitely want the movie to be a quirky B flick played by mainstream actors that turns into a cult classic. You know, one of those Cannes audience favorite winners eh?

I mean, if Ryan Gosling could play my part I would feel pretty great about that. He’s Canadian and I bet could totally pull off being a lesbian but he is blond and that really doesn’t work in his favour. Sorry, Ryan, you’ll have to take a step back and play the friend who drives the poet across the country. For my part, I would go with Ellen Page who is also a beloved Canadian actress. If Ruby Rose of Australia could pull off a proper Canadian accent then I would recommend her for the part of the poet.

Kendra: The song is also about love and equality. Which is a big issue going on in the news coming from Australia. How important is it that other artists speak out about the gay marriage vote?

Marina: Paramount. 100%. If you have a platform, please use it. I believe equality is one of the many paths that will lead us to a more peaceful human experience.

Kendra: The new album drops soon and then come January you’ll be touring through Australia. Any other plans on the books?

Marina: Well, after the tour it will be winter in Canada so Felicia and I will go back into our bear caves to hibernate and write songs haha no, but seriously. Once we finish up our tour in Australia we will part ways with tears in our eyes to go manage some of our own personal musical projects and then regroup again in the late fall of 2018 for touring across Canada. We also have two video projects that we’d like to get accomplished. One of which we hope to be an animation project that we don’t have to all be on the same continent to accomplish.

Kendra: Going out in January you’re going to have some drives ahead of you. So what fives songs are going to be spinning on the road with you folks?

Marina: Ooo well, we’ll obviously be swimming in as much Australian music as possible. We always look forward to Triple J’s Hottest 100. The Australian music scene is such a treat and it’s our little treasure when we’re driving from gig to gig. A sneak peak of our road mixtape would find these tasty Australian leaning tracks:

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – “Over Everything
The Tommyhawks – “Bluebird
Rosie Burgess with Sam Lohs – “Counting Down
Jason Lowe – “All Comes In Turn
This Way North – “Head Above Water


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