Lina Tullgren’s Debut and Next Steps

Photo Credit: Ty Ueda

There is a lot to be said about someone who just tells it like it is. In a realm where sugarcoating can be the norm, artists like Lina Tullgren are a bit refreshing. Ask her if melancholy songs are easier to write. She’ll respond, “Yeah I started writing music because it’s ‘easy.'” Ask her if Wes Anderson was the inspiration for her latest video, “Face Off” and she’ll give a simple but firm, “No.” Ask her about Instagram and she’ll flat out tell you it “isn’t real it’s on your phone.”

With that, she talked about her debut album Won, her upcoming tour that starts October 9th in Montreal and a mixtape for the end.

Kendra: Constantly changing and growing in all that we do. How would you compare the person you were when you wrote and recorded your 2016 EP to the person you are now with Won?

Lina Tullgren: I think I’ve improved at my instruments and become better about taking initiative surrounding music and emotions. I also have short hair and don’t listen to as much electro-funk music as I used to.

Kendra: Won orbits the idea of home. I have my own reasons for being intrigued by the idea, but what are yours?

Lina: I’m interested and terrified by the constant search. we never really find home again after we leave it, but I believe we are constantly searching for a new idea of what it is or could be. I’ve moved a lot. It never gets easier.

Kendra: Is there any sort of ritual you have to do before you leave home for a tour?

Lina: Buy snacks, rehearse, watch all the films I won’t have time for when I’m on the road.

Kendra: Your Instagram has a lot of animals. You’re obviously a lover of furbabies, but what creature would you say if Won’s spirit animal?

Lina: Where in the world did such an insane word like “furbaby” come from? I don’t believe in object’s having spirit animals but if Won has to have one it’s a rabbit.

Kendra: When that October run wraps up, are you going to take a break until the new year?

Lina: I don’t have any tour plans in the works but I’m writing another record.

Kendra: A little darker than usual, but if you had to make a mixtape for a funeral home, what five songs would have to be on it?

My Death” by Scott Walker
The Way Ahead Feels Lonely” by The Caretaker
Garden of Brokenness” by William Basinski
String Quartet No. 8” by Dmitri Shostakovich
Sonata for Violin & Piano No. 1” by Bela Bartok


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