All Eyes On Kadija Kamara

This year was a transformative year for me. Personally, the biggest hurdle ever shook my life up, and professionally I went full-on girl power with this blog. Which is why I was more than excited to speak with Kadija Kamara. A throwback sound to the days of burnt orange appliances and bellbottoms, Kadija brings that and more to a residency over at The Finsbury. That’s also where she runs an amazing LADY event which was in the mix of conversation along with all of the above.

Kendra: Your whole aesthetic sort of revolves around this throwback to the 70’s vibe going on. What is it about the past that invigorates you?

Kadija Kamara: It’s all about the music. So many icons careers were born in the 60’s and 70’s. I feel connected to the style of writing, recordings, and performance. A lot of passion behind the writing, meaningful lyrics. It’s all very convincing. I also love, love music, so the recording really draws me in.

Kendra: We can hear that on your latest single, “Eyes On You.” The story behind it is something I think is a very old school way of experiencing life. The song captures the idea of meeting and connecting in a public space. In a time where we are all always glued to our phones, do you feel like instances in “Eyes On You” are rare nowadays?

Kadija: I do feel this a rare thing nowadays. I feel you can only really connect with people face to face. You can get a real sense of their being rather than the character behind the phone or computer. I’m one for meeting people in public places rather than the next. Digital has its pros, but eventually, it’s great to connect in person.

Kendra: You currently have a sweet residency at The Finsbury Manor House. How is it having a stable stage to perform on?

Kadija: It feels great! It’s becoming another home to me with a great family. The staff is great as well as the promoters. We have regulars who come down every month to listen to music. We have a guaranteed gig every month and it’s exciting.

Kendra: You also run a night called LADY that’s very girl power orientated. How important is it that women in music help one another like that?

Kadija: It’s important for people to help others in general, but I feel things are always so difficult for women to excel in any industry. Often it feels me are made to feel we are in competition with one another, but truth be told we are all walking the same path.

I’ve always supported others, anyone working hard and creating their own. I wanted to collaborate with others like myself, with the same story but different path.

Kendra: What does the rest of your 2017 look like right now?

Kadija: Release an EP and working on the LADY Live Events Project. I have a festival at Pop Brixton on October 15th, which is a pretty big deal for the LADY project. Other than this, I hope to continue writing and recording new music. Playing other gigs and running the LADY residency.

Kendra: Looking at the LADY events you put on if you had to make a mixtape that showcased the best of the LADY night’s – what fives songs would have to be on it?

Kadija: I would say the following (including my music) Some of my faves at LADY so far.

Kadija Kamara – “Eyes On You
Joan Thiele – “Save Me
Thandii – “Forgetful
M w S – “Cliche
Louise Golbey – “Lots To Give


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