Get Immersed in Halina Rice’s Soundwaves

One of the most exciting times for a musician is when their hard work finally comes to fruition. Each album release like a new beginning, they wait for that drop. For Halina Rice, that day is coming soon. October 20th the world will get her latest, REDUX. After that she said she’ll be playing various dates around the London area. We talked at length about immersive landscapes, her current single “Drive” and a lot more.

Kendra: Before you found yourself involved in music, was there anything else you were pursuing? If so, what made you make the switch?

Halina Rice: Music is something that has gradually evolved for me having started producing about three years ago. At that time I was creating sound for art installations and was more interested in being an experimental artist in that sense – this new direction has evolved as I started playing live where the music came to the fore.

Kendra: In the past decade or so electronic has really come to the forefront of the music realm. So much so it seems like synth and electronica are challenging artists with traditional vocal range. Why do you think that is?

Halina: I guess you could see it as a culmination of a creative movement with roots in underground experimental artists moving through the evolution of dance music across the 80’s and 90’s, the influence keeps spreading outwards. I think it’s also the availability and popularity of production tools like Ableton live which lends itself to electronic styles of music like sampling and looping.

Kendra: Your upcoming album REDUX has been described as an “immersive landscape.” So if the album was an actual landscape – where would it be?

Halina: Probably a place called Dengue in Kent where there are “sound mirrors” – they’re concrete structures in bleak surroundings built a hundred years ago to focus sound waves – but they look like the kind of abandoned alien buildings Ray Bradbury would write about.

Kendra: What do you feel you’ve learned as an artist since your 2015 debut that you were able to apply to REDUX?

Halina: This album went through much more stages of writing and revision than the first EP and, although the tracks are very different in style, there is a consistent identity that’s stronger on this record.

Kendra: When it came time to pick a single, what stood out about “Drive?”

Halina: “Drive” seems to always get a strong reaction – it literally drives, musically, from start to finish and people are drawn to that.

Kendra: Going back to the idea of immersive landscapes of sound, if you had to make a mixtape with songs that also were immersive like that – what five would have to be on it?

Holden – “Blackpool Late Eighties
Oneohtrix Point Never – “Chrome Country
Modeselektor/Thom Yorke – “This
Peter Gabriel – “We Do What We’re told (Miligram’s 37)
Eden Ahbez – “The Wanderer

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