Get Hung Up On Alxxa

In the coming months, Alxxa has a lot coming up. Before more singles and what she calls a “holiday surprise,” she sat down to talk to Golden Mixtape about what’s going on now and then. From her move out west to her Rihanna cover to her fashion inspirations and more.

Kendra: You draw inspiration from a variety of places including art and fashion. How do those influence your music and vice versa?

Alxxa: The visual side of the music is often almost as important as the music itself. Obviously, a great song will speak for itself, but a lot of people are more easily drawn in by the visuals. So many artists are awesome at this (Flume, A$AP Rocky, OK Go, etc), so I try and find what I like and apply it in my own style. Having a clear, consistent style both in your art and fashion is key to building a strong brand.

Kendra: I just want to focus on the art aspect of who you are for a second more because your Instagram is just insanely wonderful. Are you behind all of those drawings?

Alxxa: I am! It started as a bit of a fluke for the promo of my last single “Hung Up.” I’ve always drawn and doodled and thought it would make an interesting campaign for the single. When it was done and we were figuring out what to post from there, my manager said: “Dude, you have to do this forever.” He was right, haha, and it’s become a really fun creative outlet for me!

Kendra: Let’s make our way back to the music by talking about Florence and the Machine. We haven’t heard much from her lately, but if you had the chance, would you rather spend an hour in her wardrobe or the sound booth with her?

Alxxa: The sound booth!! I’d love to hear those pipes in action up close and get a dope vocal session. We could be wearing trash bags for all I care!

Kendra: Another artist you must have at least a little love for is Rihanna because you just covered her huge hit “Umbrella.” You definitely gave it a makeover. What about that song made you want to take it and give it an Alxxa feel?

Alxxa: Umbrella is such a smash…a favorite for both me and my producer Gazzo. Covering a song like that is fun because you can truly do anything to it – the writing and melodies are so strong that it will hold up. We had a blast in the studio with this one.

Kendra: Going off one of your earlier songs from this year, what was the last thing you were “Hung Up” on?

Alxxa: Dark chocolate covered almonds. Still am.

Kendra: Hitting rewind. When you decided to leave Delaware for LA, what was one thing your friends and family warned you about that they were 100% right about the west coast?

Alxxa: There is a brashness and blunt honesty in us east coasters that definitely doesn’t always translate to those on the west coast. Probably too much good weed chills them out a bit. People on the east coast often refer to it as fake, I don’t think it’s as negative as that, but people definitely recognize a different energy in me and a lot of my fellow east coast friends. We just tell it how it is!

Kendra: Okay, so we just got your rendition of “Umbrella.” What else is coming our way from you in the coming months?

Alxxa: Got TONS of singles, projects, and even holiday surprises coming your way. I am stoked for the next year, I can’t wait for you guys to hear what we’ve been working on!

Kendra: We’re going to encompass all that you are. The music, the art, the fashion – all of it. If you had to make a mixtape that embodied this explosive dose of creativity, what songs would have to be on it? Think of this as a mixtape for a fashion show in an art gallery.

“Reckoner” – Radiohead
“Stay” – Zedd/Alessia Cara
“Gold” – Kiiara
“Warm Blood” – Flor
“No Favors” – Big Sean
“Crave” – ANIMA!
“Catharsis” – Lido
“Go” – Blink 182

Okay, okay I’ll stop! Too many songs I love so much, there are about 500 more I want to add!


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