Nora Rothman Talks Love, Loss and Learning From It All

Some have an innate feeling of what they should do in life. For Nora Rothman, it was sort of based on genetics. A father in movies and a mother in acting, Nora’s creative side was sewn into her chromosomes long before she realized. Well not too soon because she recorded her first track at the tender age of 11. What were you doing at that age? I was wondering why Nick Carter wasn’t my husband yet.

Fast forward 15 years later and I’m happy to not be a part of the Carter family and Nora? She’s in the midst of her self-titled debut. Out now, it features a lot of love and loss – which we talked about. Also on the table was her new video for “Truth or Dare,” the state of America and more.

Kendra: Recording at three, writing songs at 11 and performing at 16…Did you ever think that there was any other career path out there for yourself?

Nora Rothman: Truthfully, I try not to look at things in terms of career paths. I do the best I can at the things I’m passionate about, and music is one of those things.

Kendra: You actually graduated from Brown with a Creative Writing degree, but with your parents, both being in a creative industry were they less upset when you were like yeah, I am heading back to music?

Nora: My parents know what a tough and rewarding road this can be. I think they’re nervous for me but supportive.

Kendra: Now at 26, you’re dropping your debut EP. Was there a reason you waited until this year?

Nora: I wanted to spend time exploring my music before putting out my first release. Letting things grow organically into a sound that is personal and truthful.

Kendra: The album seems to deal a lot with love and loss of it. Do you agree that the relationships that spawn from your 20’s are indeed the best to fuel that songwriting fire?

Nora: Oof. I don’t have so much to compare it to just yet, but my twenties have been an emotionally tumultuous time. Does it get better soon?

Kendra: So the lyric video for “Truth or Dare,” amazing. You said you were a fan of Areeba Siddique’s work and reached out to collaborate with her on this. Did you just stumble upon in online?

Nora: I actually have been a fan of her work for a while, and when I decided to do a collaboration for this music video she was the first artist who came to mind. I couldn’t be more stunned and touched by what she created.

Kendra: Other than writing great music and finding awesome artists to work with, you’re also a proud feminist and vocal about politics. If you had to sum up the current state of our government in three words…what would they be?

Nora: Learn from this.

Kendra: Back to the music, you’ve got the debut EP out now. Are there going to be some shows coming with that?

Nora: Yes yes yes! I’m so excited to be playing an EP release show in NYC next Thursday, 9/28 at Rockwood.

Kendra: We have to make a mixtape inspired by your own “Note to My Ex-Lover.” So if you had to make a mixtape with that song in mind, what five songs would have to be on it?

Nora: Fun!
Sea of Love” Cat Power
You Send Me” Sam Cooke
All I Want” Joni Mitchell
Soothing” Laura Marling
Like A Star” Corinne Bailey Rae


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