Darden Travel Through It All Side By Side

Whether it’s football or movies, every family has at least one thing that bonds them above everything else. For the sisters that make up Darden, it’s music. Their family even hit the road early on in their lives for sound and that’s where we had to start because…hello, how freaking cool is that? While I could’ve asked them a million and one more questions about the road, I let the conversation move on to their new home, their Blink 182 cover, Topanga Canyon and of course working with their sisters around the clock.

Kendra: My current dream is how you all grew up, traveling the US in an RV. First off, badass. Secondly, was that a decision made because of the music or did your parents just want their kids to have the experience because I know you also performed here and there while out on the road. So just curious as to if the travel was for the music, or was inspired on the road?

Darden: We still can’t believe that was our life; we miss it so much. The traveling was really all about the music. We were playing in a different location almost every week, but our parents always made use of the various stops we made and found educational and fun detours, like the Grand Canyon and the Jelly Belly Factory.

Kendra: Your whole upbringing and your current style gives off this very cool, hippy vibe. Do you guys embody that free spirit nature?

Darden: We would definitely label ourselves as free spirits, and we try to approach life with an easy-going, low-stress mindset.

Kendra: Being that you have two other siblings, were they not interested in music or are they younger and not able to join the band yet?

Darden: The brothers certainly pull their weight living in a musical family. They are both extremely talented musicians, and once in awhile, we call them up to perform a song or two. They are pursuing other passions as well, however, and they have our full support in doing so!


Kendra: Gotta ask, how did you all wind up choosing the OC after your travels?

Darden: It had to be the OC. Our family has major history here, and it’s always been home to us.

Kendra: When you’re creating music and come to a point where there’s a disagreement among the group, do you argue like musicians or sisters? Because that can harbor very different results…

Darden: Good question, and very true. We really try to keep it professional, but of course, with being sisters that doesn’t always happen. In the end, though, we all know we are working towards the same goal, it’s just a matter of finding the right compromises and ultimately preserving our friendship in the process.

Kendra: At the end of the day you four do seem pretty close, but when you want to get away from the group and family, what do you do for you time?

Darden: We all have individual hobbies including painting, drawing, reading, designing, writing etc…but we always laugh because when we want to hang out with friends, we all end up in the same place because we are all best friends.

Kendra: Let’s talk about that Blink 182 cover. Did you grow up with that pop-punk influence, or did you hear that song on particular and attach yourselves to it?

Darden: We’ve grown up with about as much musical influence as one can obtain. Punk Pop, or Punk for that matter, wasn’t lost on us either; both of our uncles are in a few Punk Rock bands between the two of them (DI and The Dickies etc), and they have always played a major role in our musical education and influence.

Kendra: How was your experience recording out in Topanga Canyon? I know there’s a lot of musical history and excellence in the air there.

Darden: Know of any property for sale? We’ll take it.

Kendra: You have this cover out now, but what’s next for you four?

Darden: Lots more videos are on the way, but more importantly, we are getting ready to introduce our original music to the world, and we are so thrilled to share it.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represented each member of the group, and Darden as a whole – what five songs would have to be on it?

Darden: Before we give our answers, just know that even though a lot of thought went into them, 1. We have at least 10 more songs we could add, and 2. We’ll probably look back on our individual answers and wish we’d put something else. But for now, Here is our Mixtape:

Selah, “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica
Clarah, “Lyin’ Eyes” by the Eagles
Havi, “Minor Swing” by Django Reinhardt
Tabbi, “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by Oasis
And for the final song, we couldn’t just pick one. The two contenders ended up being “Heart of Life” by John Mayer because it was our theme during a difficult time, and “Just a Closer Walk.” That song is reminiscent of our childhood travels and remains our life motto to this day.

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