Amy Lawton Comes “Undone”

One never forgets their first…release that is! For Amy Lawton, that’s the truth. She just dropped her debut single “Undone” and was kind enough to talk to us about it. Based on an incident with an ex, we found out that even if they’d never come back around – there was more music up her sleeve, which we cannot wait to hear. A refreshing country sound with pop sewn in from London, Amy is one to watch in the coming months as she has a handful of things coming up. Find out what below!

Kendra: First of all, congrats! “Undone” is your first single..ever. How did it feel when you finally got to release it? Were you nervous like the night before the first day of school?

Amy Lawton: Thank you, releasing my first song felt amazing as I’ve been writing for a long time, I guess I was nervous and excited to see what people thought of the song, I’m glad it’s had a great response so far!

Kendra: You noted that “Undone” was inspired by an incident where an ex showed up at one of your gigs. If they’d never shown up that night, what do you feel your first single would’ve been about then?

Amy: If they’d never shown up I would’ve chosen another song I’d written about a different situation in my life, I have another song called “Loneliest Place in the World,” which is about when I moved to London.

Kendra: Now we all know that writing about exes is pretty common. Taylor Swift made a whole career out of it. Do you feel that it is easier to write about relationships when they’re done, rather than when you’re happy in one?

Amy: Definitely yes! So far the feelings of relief and guilt have been easy to write about, although I’ve written about lots of other things as well.

Kendra: Speaking of writing, because I love putting pen to paper I had to ask about a book I saw you were reading on IG. How did The Hatred of Poetry help you in your songwriting?

Amy: I enjoyed that book as I like to read and write poetry, but I actually see it as a completely different thing to when I’m writing song lyrics, they are both different mediums through which I like to express myself.


Kendra: Will “Undone” be finding a home on an upcoming record, or are you going to drop some more singles?

Amy: I’m hoping to put out another single soon followed by an EP.

Kendra: Do you have any shows coming up the people need to know about?

Amy: I’m hoping to confirm some shows soon, so keep checking my Facebook page for details!

Kendra: Now let’s make a mixtape that’s all about the lyrics! If you had to make a mixtape that consisted of the best songwriting you’ve ever heard, what five songs would have to be on it?

Kacey Musgraves – “Late to the Party
Amy MacDonald – “Footballer’s Wife
Marina and the Diamonds – “Obsessions
Pete Yorn – “Strange Condition
Fleetwood Mac – “Dreams


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