Others Play Catch Up While ARY is Already There

Lawyer. That was my childhood dream until my mom told me I would have to help bad people. While that’s what ALL lawyers do, I was turned off and my childhood dreams changed. They’ve not all been realized, but that’s not to say that people can’t always achieve them. Like Norway’s ARY. With a single entitled “Childhood Dreams,” I had to inquire about hers. Luckily for her, she doesn’t have much left on the table in that regard.

She said, “It’s kind of sad I guess. I’ve reached all the goals I ever had as a kid. Except flying and becoming an elf, but it seems unrealistic to ever achieve those goals. The only dream I had as a kid was doing something not everybody can do, I think it was important for me to feel wanted and to feel like I was good at something. Maybe because I didn’t pay attention, so I never really accomplished anything at school.”

With her dreams realized, we talked about the present. This included a lot of discussion about love and the finesse it takes to pen a great love song. That’s where we pick up and that’s where we kind of round things out…

Kendra: Being that “Already There” is your first love song penned, were you finally in love, or do you feel like your songwriting had just evolved to that realm?

ARY: Hmm, that’s a good question! Both are true. I had just met someone that changed everything for me, and at the same time, my songwriting had evolved from wanting every song to be dark and mysterious to exploring more honest territories. I think love is hard to express, at least in a way that suits me. Sometimes I feel like there are no words to describe what I’m feeling. When writing this song I discovered that the simplest way was the best way. For now.

Kendra: You’ve noted that finding a new way to write about love is hard. Which I agree. But as society continues to change the idea of love (waiting to marry, hook up culture, open relationships), do you feel the love songs are going to change with it?

ARY: Wow, I don’t know. They might. Though I don’t think the circumstances matter that much. It´s still the same feeling, the same things everybody goes through. Love, heartbreak, marriage, death…I hope people will continue to write about love in new ways, though everything sometimes feels like it’s been done before. I feel like if a song is good enough, and especially a love song, it will be able to touch people of all ages and all times. I don’t think the concept of love is changing or evolving, even though the circumstances are.

Kendra: Looking through your Instagram I was automatically taken aback by your performance surrounded by the woods. Do you get to partake in the nature of Norway often?

ARY: Oh yes! This summer my boyfriend took me to his cabin in a small town outside of Trondheim far up in the mountains. The view was breathtaking, and everything is so quiet. Also, I´ve toured a lot in Norway over the summer, and I especially like the fresh air in the north of Norway, and the view from the plane windows are amazing!

Kendra: You’ve got a few shows on deck for the fall, any other ones coming up that are TBA?

ARY: I’m not sure what I can say haha, I think they’re all out now. I’m especially looking forward to playing Pitchfork Paris and Berghain Kantine.


Kendra: Any plans on the books for 2018?

ARY: I want to start the process of making my first album. I’ve written and produced a lot of material, but I feel like I need some time to process everything and find that very first essence of my work. Sometimes I love what I´m making, and sometimes I hate it. I think it’s going to take some time. My live plans depend so much on outside response, so right now I´m waiting. ( I have a small hope that everyone who sees me on this Europe-tour will want to help me book an even bigger tour next year.)

Kendra: We have to talk about love songs some more. With that, if you had to make the ultimate romantic mixtape – what five songs would have to be on it?

ARY: Romantic. ok.

Odesza – “Meridian
Elsa & Emilie – “Au Volant
Cunninlynguists – “The Gates
Bon Iver – “Hinnom, TX
Forest Swords – “The Highest Flood


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