Ari B Stays On Beat With Latest Move

Photo Credit: Ray Kay

Some parents would assume whatever their kid did when they were younger was merely just a phase. Ari B says it’s hard to really say if her parents thought that when it came to her singing because she notes, “I tried multiple things and didn’t do very well, but I seemed to have potential as a vocalist/dancer – I had a little voice.”

That little voice went a long way and soon enough a young Ari B was in theater, and that’s where we start with her story today. She recalls her days on stage, but quickly we get into how she can move like Janet…Jackson that is. Grooves, moves, her latest single and more were on the table so pull up a seat.

Kendra: How has your theater work growing up helped you as you’ve gotten older?

Ari B: That’s an interesting question. Theater is a really good training ground. You really learn some important skills that will take you everywhere. It’s helped me in everything that I do now. Very fortunate to have started off in theater.

Kendra: Well, one thing is that you learned to move! “Dance Into the Party” isn’t just a title, it seems to be a way of life for you. The video definitely showcased that you can carry a note and yourself on the dance floor. Do you do anything other than practice to keep that stamina?

Ari B: Yaaa, thank you. I try to do it all if I have the opportunity. When I think of a music video, I see dance, and so I’m gonna make sure that happens. On set, you get to chill a little when the camera is off- take a breath. It’s always good/fun energy on set, but it’s very hard work, no question.

Kendra: For 90’s kids, hearing Wayne Isham is a big deal. He worked with Britney and N’SYNC. Did he mention any of them when you were filming “Dance Into the Party?

Ari B: I remember him mentioning Bon Jovi a lot on set. It’s so surreal because I watched all of these music videos growing up, and now I’m working with the man who created them. Insane.

Kendra: How was it working with someone who has such a high profile resume like that?

Ari B: I mean he was honestly so humble and such a nice guy, so it was very easy to work with him. I think the more success you have, the less ego. He was also very opinionated and wanted to make sure everything was the best that it could be, and he made sure that I was happy with everything.

Kendra: We have this single out now, but what else can we expect from you as we head into the fall?

Ari B: I’ll be coming out with new music soon, so I’m very excited for that! Had these planned out for a while, so I can’t wait to see them come to life.

Kendra: We’ve talked a lot about dancing, but that’s not the mixtape I want you to make. Instead, if you had to make a mixtape of songs you can just sit back and relax to, what five songs would have to be on it?

Ari B: Ooo – let’s go
The Truth” India. Arie
My Way” Usher
Airplane” B.o.B
Levels” Avicii
Automatic” Dawn Richard


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