“California Dreaming” with Jacquie Lee

Living in New Jersey, New York wasn’t too far away for Jacquie Lee as she grew up with her heart and mind set on a career in music. Knowing that things were either going to pan out there or out west in LA, in 2013 the choice was made for her when she landed on The Voice. Barely old enough to drive, she packed her bags and headed for the TV stage.

Jacquie notes how much her friends and family were and still are the ones to keep her grounded throughout it all. From the reality of The Voice to making her way through the scene in LA she notes, “Whenever I get stressed out about anything in this process they always remind me that I’m doing what I love and am passionate about and there’s nothing more fulfilling than that. They really help me see the bigger picture when it’s so easy at times to focus on the daily bumps along the way.”

Living in LA full time now, that’s where we picked up as we went back and forth about her new single “California Dreaming,” its meaning, what’s to come from her and more.

Kendra: You’ve noted that living in LA and sort of growing up in the industry you’ve had to learn to trust your gut. What’s the first sign your mind/gut sends you when you’re in a less than perfect situation regarding your music?

Jacquie: I’ll feel it in the pit of my stomach. It’s like when you get nervous around someone and you get butterflies. It’s just a feeling in your body that you can’t control but something triggers it! Sometimes it’s not as easy to make the right call but when I get that gut feeling I know that I need to give the situation more thought until I’m confident enough to make a decision.

Kendra: Sticking with LA, your latest single “California Dreaming” is inspired by not only the city but the loneliness one can face here. I agree 100% with the sentiment. You’d think with the millions living here, it would be easy to find comfort, but it can be hard. In the years you’ve been in LA, have you managed a way to find good people to surround yourself with?

Jacquie: YES. I’ve been so fortunate to meet genuine people. It took a second BUT me and my best friend/roommate (Caroline) now have a group of friends out here we’d do anything for.

Kendra: You also talk about people watching in LA. Where’s your absolute favorite place to do this pastime? I personally used to spend hours at Hollywood & Highland writing and watching passersby.

Jacquie: Venice. I see so many different types of people along Abbot Kinney and the boardwalk/canals. I love the variety and the beach.

Kendra: We’ll be hearing “California Dreaming” on your album out this fall, right? When you started writing you’ve noted that it was from the teenage heart. Older now, what are your lyrics centered around?

Jacquie: Yes it will be on my EP out this fall. My lyrics are centered around what I’m going through in life. A lot about relationships, not only with other people but more importantly with myself.

Kendra: A new album on the books for release this fall, but is there anything else coming from you? Maybe some local shows?

Jacquie: A possible performance coming up with Live Nation in Los Angeles and an EP release party/performance. Also, I’ll be touring next year so keep an eye out for dates!

Kendra: You posted a picture on Instagram that simply read “Remember why you started.” Going off that, if you had to make a mixtape featuring songs that inspired you to start singing in the first place, what five would have to be on there?

Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Wizard of Oz
I’ll Be There” – Michael Jackson
Across the Universe” – The Beatles
I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” – Elvis
Cry Me a River” – Ella Fitzgerald

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