Dog In The Snow Protests The Norm

Looking at the calendar and seeing the year, you’d think we’d be much further along as a society than most but in some places *cough* America *cough* things seem to be going backward. We’re not alone though, there are stupid things going on all over the world. I mean, why else would the Women’s March have been a global phenomenon? Speaking of, Dog In The Snow is a woman with a lot to say, or rather sing, about women and their rights when it comes to their bodies. At least that’s what came out loud and clear with her latest single, “Child.” We talked about that, having kids in general, touring and more.

Kendra: We have to get into “Child” right off the bat. Based around the idea of women protesting to never having kids again, were you inspired at all by The Handmaid’s Tale – be it the series or the book it’s based on?

Dog In The Snow: I have not read the book nor seen the series but it’s certainly on the list!

Kendra: What you were inspired by where 21st-century protests. It seems like we are a generation that is not afraid of making a sign and hitting the pavement. Have you gotten to partake in any of these protests or rallies in recent months?

Dog In The Snow: I have not, though there’s a lot to be annoyed about in the UK it’s currently nothing like the extent of what’s going in the US.

Kendra: Circling back to the idea of women protesting the idea of having kids. There are articles every so often stating millennials aren’t having kids as often. Which in my head can result in a damper in society? Thoughts on people waiting longer to have families, or not having kids in general?

Dog In The Snow: There’s a great NPR podcast called Terrestrial which “explores the choices we make in a world we have changed” and there’s an episode all about the decision to have kids or not given the harrowing long term effects of climate change. There’s no judgment, either way, obviously, government intervention like China’s one-child policy has a serious load of human rights issues. But on the other hand giving free reign to people’s consumption and ways of living is also not working.

Kendra: Already with “Child,” we can tell you’ve got some hot topics to bring to the table lyrically. What else can we expect from your debut, Consume Me, coming in October?

Dog In The Snow: A lot of identity crises, living in the consumerist age and finding the “real.”

Kendra: You’ve noted that the album deals a lot with modern age and culture. Does your own culture and heritage play a role in your music at all?

Dog In The Snow: Yes definitely, being of mixed race and also being brought up in a country my parents nor I was born in brings about a lot of analysis about the mishmash identity I’ve inherited and created. It’s also liberating to not be bound to an identity based on the borders and boundaries of a primary nationality. But it’s confusing to navigate that feeling when nationalism is still a big part of a lot of other people’s identities.

Kendra: Anything else we can look out for after the album drops in October?

Dog In The Snow: I have two headline L.P. launch-shows and I’ll be touring and supporting Simon Raymonde (Bella Union boss and Cocteau Twins)’s new project Lost Horizons. I’m also part of the live band which I’m excited about too.

10/25 – Human Performance Presents: Dog In The Snow, London†
10/28 – Spectrum: Dog In The Snow LP Launch, Brighton†
11/18 – Lost Horizons at the Rialto, Brighton*
11/19 – Lost Horizons at The 100 Club, London*
11/20 – Lost Horizons at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds*
11/21 – Lost Horizons + Dog In The Snow, Manchester*
11/23 – Lost Horizons + Dog in the Snow (Ex Cocteau Twins), Ramsgate*

†Album-launch show
*Supporting Lost Horizons

Kendra: Something we haven’t talked about is your locale. So if you had to make a mixtape that best represented a summer in Brighton, what five songs would have to be on it?

Dog In The Snow:
Paradise” by ANOHNI
Head for the Country” by John Maus
Farmer in the City” by Scott Walker
Whitest Boy on the Beach” by Fat White Family
Borders” by M.I.A

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