The Forces Within MissinCat

Living where one feels restricted can damper the spirit, which is why MissinCat packed her things and said goodbye to Milan and hello to Berlin, noting of her move, “It allowed me finally to fully focus on my music and my artistic persona.” Which helped her flourish and grow into the artist she is today. An artist with a new album entitled Forces out come September 15. We talked about the record, touring with an icon, and so much more like whether or not she prefers writing in the city or the countryside.

Kendra: Italy is my dream vacation (mostly based around food), so I have to know what led you to move from there to Berlin?

MissinCat: I’ve been living in Berlin for ten years, the first time I went to Berlin I fell in love instantly with the city, the people, the feeling of freedom which is in the air, I guess this is what made me stay so long. In Berlin, people feel free to express themselves and be what they want to be. And so do I, as an artist that’s so important.

Kendra: Let’s go back, way back for a second. When you opened for Amy Winehouse back in the day, did you learn anything from her as an artist or performer that you still carry with you today?

MissinCat: Of course, she was very inspiring. She was an intense person and artist. I was impressed by her musical talent and her sense of humour. She was not doing well though and everyone could see it…That made me feel very sad.

Kendra: Back to the present. You’ve got a single that dropped at the end of July called “Mother.” When, where and why was this song sort of well, conceived?

MissinCat: “Mother” was conceived with a fantastic Berliner artist called La Boum Fatale, we wanted to do an artistic collaboration the two of us, we started producing randomly to see what happens. We had a few drafts and “Mother” was our favourite, it didn’t take long to find the right direction, I love the result, I love this song with all my heart and the video to it as well, it was big fun to shoot this video and the director made an amazing job with these images.

Kendra: We’ll hear that on Forces when that EP drops in September. Are we going to hear a lot of your new Berlin-based roots in the album?

MissinCat: Forces is a collaboration album, I worked with five acts and four of them are Berliner artists! So there is a whole lot of Berlin in it for sure!

Kendra: Stepping away from the music for a second, your Instagram is chalked full of nature pics. When you head away from the city, do you do a lot of writing?

MissinCat: Haha! Is it? Nature is just the most beautiful thing, I always try to capture this beauty…I’m a real city person though, I need the city, the culture, the people, the movement. Mostly I head away from the city with friends to chill out and have a fun time. I rarely wrote music in nature.

Kendra: So coming up you’re playing a good deal around Germany. What can people expect when they come see you live?

MissinCat: I´m very proud of our show! We have super synth sound, dreamy guitars, and amazing beats, I have a fantastic band! It is really fun to be on stage with these guys.

Kendra: Forces and a healthy amount of shows. What else is on the table for this year?

MissinCat: I’m already working on my next LP and there some more collaboration in the pipeline…lots of ideas on my mind.

Kendra: With Forces having a song called “Voices,” we’ll go there. If you had to make a mixtape with the most amazing vocals you’ve ever heard…what five songs would have to be on it?

MissinCat: I’ve always liked unconventional voices, there you go with some great vocals which just popped up in my mind:
Nina Simone “Sinnerman
Little Dragon “Twice
Ngaiire “Once
Foxos “Un-unify” (Rework of German band Hundreds’ song)
Mazzy Star “Into Dust

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