Whitney Woerz’s Iridescent Glow

Many would say kids today are too into themselves with their continuous selfie streams and Snapchats, but those who say that have yet to meet Whitney Woerz. Just old enough to be a licensed driver, Whitney likely doesn’t take her own wheels too much as she’s based in New York City. A city that thrives on liveliness, which is what she has a lot of.

She’s not only an amazing pop artist with a surprising sound but also quite the philanthropist working hard with organizations like BringChange2Mind. With all that she does, she was able to squeeze in a minute to sit down and talk about work both musical and charitable, Twenty One Pilots, Disney and a lot more.

Kendra: You are literally doing more for the world than people twice your age. I should know, I am twice your age as are all my friends and we cannot begin to compare. Where and when did that drive come about?

Whitney Woerz: I started doing musical theater when I was in elementary school and after my first show, I knew that performing and music was what I wanted to do with my life. At age 12 I professionally began songwriting and my career picked up from there.

Kendra: Being a singer who splits her time pursuing philanthropy and being a teen ambassador for BringChange2Mind, do you ever get overwhelmed by all that is on your plate?

Whitney: Writing to help people and working with BringChange2Mind go hand in hand. I love bringing positivity to anyone I can and BringChange2Mind helps me achieve that. It’s never too much on my plate because I love what I do.

Kendra: Which, let’s talk about BringChange2Mind for a second. Mental health is an issue that has sort of made a huge jump into the mainstream as of late. What made you personally want to get involved with this organization?

Whitney: When I was 13, a friend I knew through social media reached out to me and told me she wanted to kill herself. I called BringChange2Mind and they directed me to a suicide hotline and helped me with what to do. They told me to stay with her but since she lives in California, I couldn’t. I sat down and wrote her a song (“Ghost Story”). She told me it helped her so much and that she was just thankful that someone listened. I realized that if I could help one person, I could help so many more and became a teen ambassador with BringChange2Mind so I could continue helping people through mental illness.

Kendra: You still do a lot of work with suicide prevention but at the same time you’re also making the rounds as an artist and landing places like Radio Disney. Do you feel those two worlds need to be brought together?

Whitney: Radio Disney has been a huge supporter of mine and having them play my music that centers around helping people with mental illness are a great thing. I feel as though music with different topics and different messages help with suicide prevention so the crossover is already happening whether or not people are aware of it.

Kendra: Now let’s talk about your EP Iridescent. When it came time to sit down and record, how much personal notes did you bring into the studio?

Whitney: I write from experiences that are all personal for me. Each song and every note was personal to me.

Kendra: I want to dive into “Idea of Her,” which…I was not expecting what I heard when I pressed play. Your sound is absolute fire! But more importantly, the context of the song was years beyond what most would think a teenager is capable of. Is that what Iridescent is all about? Showcasing a mature perspective?

Whitney: I do think my new EP Iridescent showcases a mature perspective. I’ve been told many times that my lyrics and music are beyond my years and I love hearing that. I pride myself on the sophistication in my lyrical content. It is definitely showcased in the new EP.

Kendra: Was “Idea of Her” based on yourself or perhaps a friend?

Whitney: I wrote “Idea Of Her” with the message of “what you see on the outside isn’t always what’s within.” I want people to hear this song/watch the music video and feel comfortable in their own skin and not feel the need to change who they are or their appearance to fit in.

Kendra: I happened to notice you’re quite the fan of both Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon. If both approached you for a duet right this second and you could only head to the studio with one…who would you say yes to?

Whitney: Twenty One Pilots is my absolute favorite band. I’ve been following them for years now and I feel such an emotional connection to every single lyric and song they have released. I’d work with them in a heartbeat!

Kendra: With all, you have going on right now, anything else in the books for the rest of the year you’d like to talk about? Shows?

Whitney: I’ve been writing nonstop so expect new music! Also, I’m trying to perform as much as possible and trying to open for someone this fall/winter!

Kendra: As busy as you can get if you had to make a mixtape for a day where you had absolutely nothing to do but chill and relax, what five songs would have to be on it?

Any song by Twenty One Pilots
Nights” – Frank Ocean
Games” – The Strokes
Memories” – Goody Grace
Daft Pretty Boys” – Bad Suns


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