Frances Rose Slay the NYC Scene

Photo Credit: Eric Mooney

Some families just have a thing, and for Sarah and Michelle – their family was all about harmonies, chords, progressions. Music was an essential part of their existence. Sarah even pointed out, it’s something they have had in them since birth and with that, the sisters partnered up in their teens and from that came Frances Rose.

A pop duo based in the dark pop realm of New York City’s music scene. Frances Rose douse their pop with hints of grunge and take listeners for a ride, especially with their latest single “Read My Body.” We talked a bit about that, a little about David Boreanaz, and of course what’s next for the pair.

Kendra: With your great granduncle Epi being a very big deal in the guitar realm, was the rest of your family even surprised when you two started singing together and pursuing music?

Sarah: Our family has always been very musical, and very supportive. My parents gave us classical instruments at an early age. I was given my first violin at age four. Michelle began cello at seven. Our father is a guitar virtuoso, and plays nearly every string instrument. He definitely influenced our musicality and taught us a lot. Our mother also was very encouraging and sent us to music institutes in the Catskills Mountains during the summers. All of our best friends growing in Upstate New York studied music as well, so we were always constantly singing and playing.

Michelle: It was more a “what are you going to play?” Not “are you going to play?” There were always instruments all over our house and it felt like another language growing up. We were definitely encouraged to play string instruments. I was a bit intimidated by guitar because of Epi so I didn’t start writing on guitar until I was 18. I stuck to cello, and I still play. Everything influences each other. I’m definitely inspired by my family history, but unfortunately my uncles passed and the company was merged with Gibson long before I was born.

Kendra: Whose love of music was sparked first?

Sarah: From birth – we fell in love with music. I was born first so…

Michelle: I was focused on visual art as a child, and Sarah wrote songs. Then as teenagers we started writing together.

Kendra: Knowing that some adult siblings can get along for maybe an hour or so before they revert back to their childhood and are fighting, how do you two manage to work so well together?

Frances Rose: We have an amazing drummer. His name is Brandon Kress of Chateau D’if and he helps balance our dynamic.

Kendra: Focusing on the music a bit more. Where does that grunge influence come from for you two?

Sarah: Smashing Pumpkins, Hole and Nirvana were huge influences on us growing up.

Michelle: Hole, The Cranberries, and Garbage. The sonic influence of Garbage, merging electronic music with grunge was big for us.

Kendra: Let’s talk about that single “Read My Body.” It’s getting some real love, but if you had to compare that song to a site you visit and read a lot, which would it be and why?

Frances Rose: Playboy, lol jk!

Kendra: Really quick, the name stems from your middle names BUT had you gone with your first names you could’ve played on a ‘90s thing with Sarah Michelle. Was that ever a thought?

Sarah: Who doesn’t love Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Frances Rose: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was our cult obsession growing up in the AOL times and clearly, still is. Our first single “Vampire” was completely dedicated to the sultry, gothic, coming of age bad-ass feminist feeling. We were really envisioning the Buffy and Angel love story, and related this to the complexities of the downtown nocturnal characters we only experienced at night. “I only see you at night…” where are you now David Boreanaz?!

Kendra: Now, NYC is a place filled with countless artists. In that environment what do you do to stay afloat?

Sarah: New York remains fresh for us. We are from here so we love it and we love to bring new energy!

Michelle: I’m very social and I always have my hands in different projects, and musical scenes.

Kendra: “Read My Body” is out and about. Now, what else can we expect from the dynamic duo this year?

Sarah: Dropping a mixtape through 169 Music LLC.

Michelle: Putting out tracks consistently.

Kendra: It’s unusual that I ask for more than one mixtape, but I’d love if you’d each make one for one another. So if you had to make a mixtape that expressed how much you felt for your sister, what five songs would have to be on it?:

Fleetwood Mac – “Everywhere
Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al
Blur – “Go Out
Karen Dalton – “Something on Your Mind
Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You

TCC “J’aime Bien Travailler
Spice Girls “Wannabe
TLC “No Scrubs
HANA “Underwater
Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al


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