TRISTN’s Hooks, Lines, and Sinkers

Spending years in bands, TRISTN decided it was finally time to capture her sound on her own and last year stepped out on her own. That was one of the first things we talked about as our conversation led us to her way with hooks, skate shops, Gym Class Heroes and her upcoming album entitled January that’ll be out in September. Now read on and get to know TRISTN because she’ll be announcing when and where you can see her soon and you will want to be in the know before you go.

Kendra: You’ve done the band thing and decided last year you were going to head out on your own. What sort of things were going on in your head that made you come to that decision?

TRISTN: For a long time I had this idea that I couldn’t make music the way I wanted because most artists I look up to were all bands. After a while, I got tired of waiting so I started to play guitar more constructively. For years I sang with at least one guitarist and moving to different states (sometimes to another country) was limiting my ability to write consistently. So I decided it was time to practice seriously. Most of the songs on this record started while discovering a new combination of notes. I still don’t know the names of some of the chords I came up with, haha.

Kendra: In a band or alone, you’ve got a gift when it comes to writing great hooks. Did that come from a childhood of loving Top 40 pop at all?

TRISTN: I’m sure it had a great influence, but I didn’t start out wanting to be a songwriter. I started writing songs with simple conversational phrases that I find entertaining, just being silly really. Then I started to write new lyrics to songs on the radio for fun. It was always about bringing life to the party.

Kendra: Your latest single varies from that in that it reminded me of the early ’00s, like something you’d hear on The OC or Mean Girls soundtrack. Is that an era that rings true to your style?

TRISTN: Haha, yes probably. I listen to a lot of great soundtracks from those shows and movies. I also daydreamed a lot of living the American teenage life of being wild and free. It’s also what we listened to a lot in the skate culture. Pop punk/Emo was definitely something we hear playing in the skate shops while fixing up our decks.

Kendra: What can we expect lyrically from January, which is ironically out come September?

TRISTN: In depth conversations and spiteful expressions politely conveyed, pretty straight forward. The songs on this album, I didn’t hold back any personal feelings at all- frustration while growing up, but somehow still hopeful.

Kendra: I love to toss in a game called Duet, Cover and Perform With. So out of Paramore, CHVRCHES, and Gym Class Heroes which would you love to duet with, cover and of course perform with?

TRISTN: Oh man, these are all my favorite artists, haha. I would love to duet with Gym Class Heroes, cover Paramore, and perform with CHVRCHES.

Kendra: Now because you’re great with those hooks if you had to make a mixtape of songs with some of the best hooks out there what five songs would have to be on it?

TRISTN: Thank you for the compliment. The songs on my mixtape would be:

Paramore “Fences
Coldplay “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
Halsey “Colors
My Chemical Romance “I’m Not Okay
Ed Sheeran “Castle On the Hill

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