Resonating with Resin

Just last night Resin was on stage in New York City, likely playing a song or two from her upcoming release Fidget, out August 25. Her industrial style that sets an ambient tone was on the table as we talked about the album in respect to childhood trends, Bjork, the holidays and a handful of other things in this back and forth exchange between two LA-based gals.

Kendra: Let’s get right to the music! “Hoarse” definitely gave me these sort of Bjork vibes. Was she an influence at all to you over the years in terms of artistry or style?

Resin: So interesting. I never really paid that much attention to Bjork’s music though! I remember hearing it a lot as a teenager and literally thinking that it’s too weird and unlistenable which is so funny because these days it sounds like very pretty, interesting songwriting. I grew up listening to grunge and of course, some 90’s pop. Later on, I started listening to drum N bass which gave me the first taste of industrial music.

Nowadays I have a huge respect for Bjork but still, I don’t see her as my influence. I think that for example Moby, Trent Reznor or Peaches defined me way more than Bjork.

Kendra: You’ve got a new album in August. If you had to compare Fidget to a place in LA, where would it be and why?

Resin: Hm…I’d like to say La Canada Hills. It’s beautiful but it also feels little abandoned, mysterious.

Kendra: Also, Fidget, of course, made my mind wander to those fidget spinners that are all the rage with kids nowadays. So with that, is there a trend from your childhood that you absolutely loved but look back on and are like, WTF was I thinking?

Resin: I know! What a coincidence. When I came up with that name, it was long before these twisted toys were out. I practice yoga and in the final Shavasana, you are supposed to get passed all your fidgeting, and just be still. That need, the urge of movement is how your consciousness fights the high of spiritual enlightenment. So I had this name with this amazing meaning that all the sudden sounded annoying and way too familiar.

Growing up I loved Tamagotchi, Pogy and old Nintendo. I also used to love trolls, the ones with the crazy hair. Now I wonder why…

Kendra: I love to dig into people’s Instagrams and I noticed you had some Chandler Bing going on. Do you think he’d be the Friend at one of your shows, or would it be someone else?

Resin: I love Friends and I love Seinfeld. When I’m sick of this world I watch these shows and it makes me feel warm and happy. That’s the reality I would love to live in. But I am definitely a Ross girl.

I actually had the chance to meet David Schwimmer about a year ago at this Hollywood birthday party. He was so wonderful, dancing, being friendly to everybody. I wanted to approach him but chickened out. He’s too much of an idol for me.

Kendra: I also saw you loved Christmas. Which classic holiday song do you feel you’d do a killer remake of?

Resin: Another thing that I escape to – Christmas. I am very strict about Christmas though and so I don’t feel privileged to cover any Christmas song.

Kendra: The new album’s out soon, but is there anything else on the agenda for the year? Shows?

Resin: Actually yes. The plan is to play a bunch of shows this fall, really put myself out there, get comfortable. I have an official release party in LA’s Bar Sinister on September 9th. Also, I want to be as proactive as I can on social media and communicate with potential fans way more than I do now. By the end of the year, I want to focus on writing only since I want to release a full-length album in Spring 2018.

Kendra: With an industrial sound in mind, if you had to make a mixtape that showcased the best in that style, what five songs would have to be on it?

The Hand That Feeds” – NIN
OPR” – Gesaffesltein
iNDuSTrY” – Lil’ Jabba
Sober” – Tool
Edge” – Rezz


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