Betty Moon’s Chrome Plated Dream

Something tells me that a person like Betty Moon is someone you can never really contain. A rocker for years, she decided to take a turn in her career with her upcoming release, Chrome. A new approach inspired by her new Hollywood home, it’s well…you’ll have to see whether or not it’s been a negative or positive change in scenery from her native Canada. Also, read on to find out why she changed up her sound, and more.

Kendra: You’re about to drop your eighth album and you switched from your usual rock to a more electronic pop sound. What made you want to try something different this time around?

Betty Moon: I think I got a little bored writing hard rock songs. I was thoroughly inspired to write something fresh and interesting, reflecting my new approach to songwriting and recording and my new refreshed lifestyle in Hollywood.

Kendra: The new album is said to be for people who like Icona Pop and Garbage. Two artists that you wouldn’t automatically stick together. Was that your goal, to sort of take the norm of genres and flip it on its side with Chrome?

Betty Moon: My goal with Chrome was to project a beautiful yet destructive and sexy concept of what life can be like when there is absolutely nothing holding you back. To have the convictions of your passions, sing about it and celebrate both your mistakes and victories. It’s reflective and introspective as all my music tends to be, but this collection of songs explores the depths of my soul like no record before.

Kendra: Chrome is essentially about your new life in Hollywood. So does it have a more negative or positive overall tone because some people love LA and some would rather forget it.

Betty Moon: I think there is more positive than there is negative because that’s how I roll. There is, however, an underlying struggle present throughout that keeps me engaged with the fact that everything isn’t always peachy. I expose that I’m flawed like anyone else but you should want to spend time with me because I can take you to places you’ve never been. That’s the kind of confidence I love in music and on this record. It reflects the dichotomy that one can possess and express as an artist.

Kendra: With the rock scene being so grounded in Hollywood, were you scared about jumping into the electronic pop realm in this city?

Betty Moon: I’ve been fearless since I arrived. I’ve enjoyed the rock scene in Hollywood and I’m excited about various new soundscapes that keep me interested and engaged.

Kendra: Fans can hear “Life is But a Dream” now, so I have to ask if the last dream you had were to come true, what would be happening in reality right now?

Betty Moon: The last dream has come true. I’m living the dream baby. The dream that my songs would be heard by millions of people in this world who expressed their enjoyment, appreciation, support, and desire to hear more Betty Moon. Cheers!

Kendra: The new album is out August 25. Will we have some shows with that drop?

Betty Moon: Yes, definitely. We have a release show coming up in late August and all the info will be online this week.

Kendra: Chrome is definitely a soundtrack to your life in Hollywood, but if you had to make a mixtape of some other artists’ songs about it, what five would have to be on that tape?

Betty Moon: Five Songs? So difficult to pick just five. Arrrrggggh this is tough but I’ll make it quick. OK here it is:

Arctic Monkeys “Crawling Back To You
Chet Faker  “Gold
Phantogram “Fall in Love
Dua Lipa “Blow Your Mind
James Brown “The Payback


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