Monte Mader’s Skydive Brew

Sometimes life can be a stroll down a street where the shops are filled with nothing but sunshine and rainbows, and other times reality can hit you with a bag of bricks. Monte Mader was doing fine and then a string of heartbreaking events came her way. When that happened she decided a new setting was exactly what she needed. We talked about that right away, but also got into her latest single “Skydive,” rodeos and a lot more like her upcoming show at the end of September.

Kendra: Brokenhearted from a number of things, you packed your life up and took off from Wyoming to New York City. Was that something you thought about before that moment or had life just dealt you too many negatives that you all of a sudden decided to take a risk on a potential positive?

Monte Mader: I loved New York and tried to visit when I could but I had never thought I could live there until I decided I was just going to do it. When things just came crashing down I wanted a totally fresh start. I wanted to adventure and experience new things and I wanted to be in something completely new to rebuild my life. So I packed up and drove to New York with a U-haul and $800. I was terrified but it was pretty magical how it worked out.

Kendra: Now, were you pursuing singing as a career before you left Wyoming or was that something that came when you decided to move?

Monte: I always loved music. I loved singing and writing. There was this little girl in me that wanted to pursue music but I never had the courage to do it. It was risky, there was no clear pathway, and of course, there were a whole bunch of opinions on why it wouldn’t work. When things came crashing down around me I just thought, “Well, I don’t have anything to lose at this point so why not?” So I just took a breath and went for it. It was the first time in my life I took a chance on myself, bet on myself to win, and it was the best thing I have ever done.

Kendra: How different do you think your career path would be at this point in your life if you’d stayed put?

Monte: I think I could be happy pretty much wherever I am but I probably would have gone to grad school, got married, maybe have a kid or two now. Music probably would have become a dream unfulfilled that stayed in that space in the back of my mind. That’s what most people do where I’m from.

Kendra: Let’s talk about “Skydive” and something you adore, coffee. If you had to compare your latest single to a coffee flavor which would it be and why?

Monte: I just think coffee is proof God wants us to be happy. Let’s see…Now maybe this doesn’t count but I think “Skydive” would be espresso. It’s earthy, rich and powerful even in small doses. And not espresso in a latte, but real, I’m-drinking-straight-caffeine espresso.

Kendra: Also, you’re big into sports and fitness. Is there a particular sport you love to play versus one you love to watch when you have downtime?

Monte: I would probably say my favorite sport to play is basketball, followed closely by football. I have a great throwing arm! Rodeo is my favorite sport to watch by far!

Kendra: It’s time to let us know what you have coming up in the next couple of months? Touring? Music?

Monte: Well the first thing coming is my show at The Bitter End on September 29th at 8 pm. I will be playing a short series of shows in November (dates are TBD). And touring is being set up for next spring. All those dates will be announced on my website and social media. Musically, I am knee deep in my next project “Roots”, I’m taking my pop-rock vibe and infusing it with inspiration from the country, classic rock and gospel I grew up on.

Kendra: Going back to your cross country trip, if you had to make a mixtape of songs you were listening to on that drive what five would definitely be on it?

Monte: I LOVE mixtapes!!! I would DEFINITELY have:
Till I Collapse” Eminem
She Got Her Own” Ne-yo ft. Jamie Foxx
Fighter” Christina Aguilera
Take the Money and Run” Steve Miller Band
A Little Bit Stronger” Sara Evans


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