Seattle Songbird Jessica Domingo

With a voice that travels through the air like butter, Jessica Domingo has managed to impress not only her dedicated YouTube following but many more with her EP Moonplay. A sound album that puts her natural skills center stage, we talked about her artistry as a whole from her heritage to her love of hip-hop to where she’s going with it all.

Kendra: Being a first generation, do you feel you have a little more to prove when it comes to just about every aspect of your life?

Jessica Domingo: Being a first generation didn’t affect my life as much. I didn’t feel like my challenges were significantly different from anyone else’s because my parents were accustomed to the American lifestyle and worked really hard for it. However, being a firstµ generation only motivated me more to make my parents proud as they’ve been my biggest support system.

Kendra: When it comes to your Filipino heritage, does any of that shine in your artistry?

Jessica: I do think my heritage plays a role in my artistry in some ways. I feel like I grew up being supported by my community starting with the videos I posted on YouTube. A lot of listeners are from Manila and as an artist, it inspires me to represent my culture through my music.

Kendra: Starting out more a singer-songwriter, you’ve switched gears a bit with a little sound experimentation. What made you want to head in a somewhat new direction?

Jessica: I could definitely still say that I am a singer/songwriter as I do make sure I’m always a part of the writing process, however, my sound has changed within the years of discovering my own voice and the types of music and sounds I’m into. The new direction came from constantly being inspired by everything around me, whether it’s the influences of music I listen to or the experiences that occur. There’s always something to write about, and with that grows to experimenting different evolutions of me.

Kendra: You do a lot of hip hop covers. Is that the style that got you into music in the first place?

Jessica: I grew up listening to hip-hop and old-school R&B music. Even just being raised in Seattle, the hip-hop scene has always been around and ever since I learned how to play guitar, I would always enjoy making hip-hop/R&B renditions with my own style the most.

Kendra: Now looking ahead, what’s going on with you in the coming months?

Jessica: I’m currently in the works of creating another EP as well as working with several producers outside of my hometown, and growing my YouTube channel.

Kendra: In the video for “Echoes” there is this touching piano playing going on, so if you had to make a mixtape with killer piano pieces in them – what five songs would have to be on it?

Blessed” – Daniel Caesar
Godspeed” – Frank Ocean
Gravity” – Sara Bareilles
Under the Table” – BANKS
Meeting Points at 2 AM” – dne


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