Whipping Into Shape with Maya Killtron

If you’re sitting right now, you won’t be for long because you’re about to be introduced to Maya Killtron. Movement is what her music’s all about, especially her latest single “Whiplash.” Inspired by the late Michael Jackson, we talked about her influence on her style, what’s to come with her music and a lot more like what it’s like being not only a singer but a DJ and a violinist.

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Making Moves with Upsahl

It hasn’t been too long since countless graduates said a final farewell to high school, Upsahl included. She’s all done with school for now and will be spending most of her days in Los Angeles focusing on her music. Not too far from where she’s called home and built a name for herself in Phoenix. With a few records already to her name at just 18, it was time for this girl to see what else was out there and she’s jumping in cautiously, planning every move with precision. We talked about the move, the music and just how far she plans to take things.

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Exploring the American Dream with Juanita Stein

Putting a pause on Howling Bells, for now, Juanita Stein wanted to see how things panned out for her when approaching music from a solo perspective. So far she admits of the experience, “There’s definitely something very powerful in creating and expressing art as a group, however, right now, making music as a solo artist feels the right path to me, and for that reason, it’s more cathartic. Listening to that inner voice provides a great joy.”

Just yesterday Juanita started a lengthy stay in the UK at the Deer Shed Festival. She’ll be spending a lot of time with family and friends as she plays from Thousand Island in London in August to Crofters in Bristol come October. Those in the UK have to make sure to catch here and there throughout the next few months. Now while you’re either waiting for a show or just want to know more, we have a back and forth with Juanita about her debut solo album, America, and more.

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