Camille Peruto’s Adventurous Sonata

An Eagles fan by blood and a personal fan of the Phillies it’s easy to know where Camille Peruto has grown up and called home. A Philly-based singer-songwriter who did her time on American Idol when it was still on Fox, Camille combined reality and fantasy on her latest LP From The Sea To The Sky. We talked about her past in front of the judges, her present with a guinea pig named Bella and her future filled with even more.

Kendra: Being really freaking young when American Idol started, was there one particular season or Idol that made you want to audition?

Camille Peruto: It’s so funny to hear you say that! I never realized it but I must have been about 8 or 9 when the show aired. I used to watch it and do auditions for my mom and dad during commercial breaks. I think that Season four when Carrie Underwood won had to be the season that excited me the most about the show. I also remember Jordan Sparks sticking out to me. She would belt these crazy high notes that I couldn’t even sing in falsetto at the time!

Kendra: Were you surprised when they said they were going to bring American Idol back?

Camille: Not really! At the very end of the series “finale,” Ryan Seacrest said something sly about saying goodbye forever and then winked! He gave it away. I had a feeling it wasn’t over.

Kendra: Now let’s talk about what you’re up to now! You dropped From the Sea to the Sky in January. How much of that was inspired by reality and how much of it was scenarios you dreamed of?

Camille: Most of the songs off of my album have a little bit of both. There are a few that are strictly fiction (like “Lagoon”) and a couple that is truly heartfelt and honest about my real life. “Biscuit Moon” is one of those.

Kendra: You actually penned “Silent Melody” years ago. Tweaking it here and there, what made you decide it was finally ready to go?

Camille: When I heard the studio musicians play the song on the spot for the first time, I knew it was ready. They had never heard it and came up with the sickest, coolest beat and I loved it! We were all taken back by what we came up with that day. The lyrics definitely took some tweaking though!

Kendra: Couldn’t help but notice that you have some guinea pigs. What makes them the perfect pet?

Camille: I like this interview! I have a guinea pig named Bella who is the best. She is easy to take care of and she’s really friendly. She honestly sort of reminds me of a tiny dog that doesn’t take up much space! They are awesome pets.

Kendra: Do you ever practice new material on them?

Camille: I write songs in the same room as Bella and she plays along by biting her cage and shaking it! She is very noisy sometimes!

Kendra: The new record’s out and about, what else is up with you this year?

Camille: I just released my music video for “Silent Melody,” which people have been liking! I will be playing the East coast all summer long and doing some fun radio stuff! I am hoping to get my record out to as many people as possible.

Kendra: Your album reminds me of a grand adventure, so if you had to make an adventurous mixtape – what five songs would have to be on it?

Camille: That is a wonderful compliment! Thank you! Let’s see…I think that a grand adventure mixtape to me would have to include 5 songs that lead me to where I am today.

Thank You” – Dido
Something” – The Beatles (Honestly, the whole Abbey Road album)
Where the Streets Have No Name” – U2
Nashville” – David Mead
My Favorite Things” – Julie Andrews

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