Big Hair Girls Pump Up the Volume

Lizzy and Venus were just two sisters interested in making some noise when they found they combined their voices across the water from Manhattan in Jersey City in a bedroom studio. Fast forward to today and they are Big Hair Girls, a vibrant pop duo that is heating up the New York scene with their debut single, “Future Is Female.” Girl power to the core, we talked about where women are in the world today, being in the creative hub of NYC and more.

Kendra: Does being in New York City elevate the creative senses for you?

Venus: Being in and around New York City is a huge influence on everything that we do creatively. There are so many other artists doing amazing things, there’s so much culture, so many different types of people…there is constant stimulation and energy to feed off of. You have to have serious hustle to get noticed out here because everybody has so much going on.

Lizzy: We feel so lucky to have grown up near NYC! The diversity in people and culture opened our eyes and ears to so much at an early age. We love being able to absorb and draw from so many different sources. The city can be a source of non-stop stimulation if you know where to look

Kendra: Being part of a duo is much like a marriage, with that…what does one bring out in the other when you two get together to write and record?

Venus: We have very similar tastes but we also are pretty good at editing each other. Lizzy always writes faster than I do. She’s good at writing hooks and she’s merciless in her critiques. She keeps me from going too far off track sometimes!

Lizzy: We are lucky because we balance each other out. When we are writing or recording we feed off of each other’s energy. Venus is great at figuring out harmonies and since we both tend you get wordy her editing eye is essential!

Kendra: Obviously, it’s the best in one another because you were able to bang out not only a summer anthem but a girl power anthem. With that, were you inspired by any other female groups or artists when it came to “Future is Female?”

Venus: Thank you! I think we were mostly inspired by this moment in time. Powerful women and girls are always a motivation to us, whether they are artists, entertainers, mothers, entrepreneurs…whatever! We love to see all females doing their thing.

Lizzy: There are honestly too many influences to name. We are so inspired by all females that are doing what they want creatively whether it’s in a style that reflects our sound or not. Every kick ass female on earth is an inspiration to us!

Kendra: Closing your eyes and imagining that the future is truly female, can you see women in America getting through the Trump administration unscathed?

Lizzy: In the immortal words of Jay-Z ” dig a hole and bury yourself” we are watching someone toxic and dangerous unravel. We are hoping that this reign of insanity ends well before four years. That being said I can see women organizing and coming out swinging after this fiasco. I think that unity is the key to taking our rights back and pushing the boundaries on all the issues that all need addressing.

Venus: I think women have the ability to get through ANYTHING unscathed and this current sham of an administration is no exception! Surviving and thriving in spite of adversity is what women have always had to do. I can see there being a big change once the current mess is cleaned up and people are ready for a massive overhaul of what’s happening now.

Kendra: More personal, what’s up with Big Hair Girls future in the coming months?

Lizzy: Expect more videos within the next few months and possibly even bigger hair!

Venus: Definitely more music and definitely bigger hair!!

Kendra: We definitely have to make a badass, girl power anthem mixtape. So give me five songs for it!

Big Hair Girls:
Supermodel” – RuPaul
Run the World (Girls)” – Beyonce
Try Me” – Dej Loaf
I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor
Ladies Night (Not Tonight Remix)” – Lil Kim feat. Angie Martinez, Missy Elliott, Left Eye & Da Brat

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