Amanda Markley Comes In Like a Storm

Photo Credit: Michelle Moore

With a sound marriage of folk and pop in her voice, Amanda Markley teamed up with Cartel’s Will Pugh for “Ways to Go” and is following it up with her latest, “Like a Storm.” Familiar with what he’d done with his band in the past and being a personal fan of “Uninspired” and “The Minstrel’s Prayer,” she was excited to hear what the two came up with together in the studio. Of course, the results have been telling of the magic they have between them, musically speaking. We talked about the music, giving back and what’s to come from the Seattle songstress.

Kendra: A couple of years ago your debut, Jealousy, wasn’t just an introduction to who you were as an artist but also came with a chance to give back. Have you continued to help with animal shelters since then?

Amanda Markley: Yes! I try to help animals whenever I can. A year ago I actually rescued a kitten from Paws and I am also a brand ambassador for Sand Cloud Towels, who give proceeds to help marine life.

Kendra: Will you do the same with future releases, like your latest “Like a Storm?”

Amanda: I haven’t made any plans yet, but I would love to because I want to make a difference for the better with my music.

Kendra: Over on Instagram I couldn’t help but notice you’re a big fan of peonies. Do you often think of new music to make in a garden setting?

Amanda: It’s usually different places each time that I think of new music, but I do love to sit outside by myself to find inspiration.

Kendra: Also on the ‘gram (as I feel the cool kids call it…maybe), you showcase a bit of wanderlust. What far off place do you feel best fits your current sound?

Amanda: Well I must say that my favorite place is Ireland, but I would say England best fits “Like a Storm” because of its crisp edginess.

Kendra: “Like a Storm” is out and people are enjoying it, so what is next up for you this year?

Amanda: I have a few more songs written that I just need to record and release to you all.

Kendra: You’re up in Seattle and that city usually gets a bad wrap for being dreary, but if you had to make a mixtape to showcase the happier side of Seattle, what five songs would have to be on it?

Amanda: If I were to make a playlist to cheer myself up with songs that I love it would include:
Believer” by Imagine Dragons (my favorite band)
Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon
Hurricane” by Halsey
Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic
Overwhelming” by Jon Bellion


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