The Liberated Frolick of Sarah P.

A world away from one another and I am enamored with Sarah P. From her eccentric take on pop to her carefree ways by the sea, we chatted about her latest album Who Am I, a depressing trend, young love and so much more. Each word read from her sending me deeper in love with the person and artist she is. Sure to do the same for you, see what Sarah P. had to say about a cascade of things.

Kendra: Originally from Greece but Berlin-based today, where would you say your music sounds like home?

Sarah P.: Honestly, I have no clue. It could be somewhere I haven’t visited yet. Somewhere like Mars? Is that an option? I constantly feel out of place.

Kendra: Like if you had to compare Who Am I to a place in either place, where would it be and why?

Sarah P.: I feel that Who Am I is Berlin, as lived and experienced by homesick expats. It’s like a “Hey, I’m not German, but I try my best to fit in. By the way, I made this record for you” kind of sticky situation. It took me a lot of time to settle in, understand the culture and accept that, despite my efforts, I’ll always be the “Greek girl”…So yeah, Who Am I is about life in Berlin while thinking of my hometown every now and then. Does that make any sense?

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with being the “Greek girl” and I think with this album I’ve embraced my roots more than ever. Perhaps, being away from home helped me do so and amplified my Greek-ness.

Kendra: Location aside, you get very personal and even political on the new album. Have you always been so forward with your thoughts?

Sarah P.: I always had my opinions but never felt as confident to express them out loud. It’s been the past two or three years that I liberated myself from the need to please others. And there’s been so many people I used to look up to, who appear to be quite fickle nowadays. I mean, they talk while saying nothing, they never take sides or express their true opinions. As opposed to that, I wanted to make a raw album that stands for something, even if that means that I’ll have it harder than others. There’s so much noise out there – why making something that doesn’t mean anything?

Kendra: Let’s talk about the video for “Summer Prince.” You’re just walking down the beach, playing in waves. You seem like a very carefree person…safe assumption?

Sarah P.: When frolicking by the sea, I’m the most carefree I can be. Away from the shore, (some would say that) I can be a very difficult person. I mean how can you be carefree nowadays, if you’re not a cute, little puppy, right?

Kendra: Back to the being forward with your thoughts, you’ve mentioned that it’s become a bit trendy to talk about mental health issues. I sort of agree for various reasons but would love to know a little more about your thoughts on that because you’ve been honest about dealing with anxiety and depression.

Sarah P.: Well, I truly believe that most of the people in our “western world” bubble struggle with depression – at least up to some degree. Although I appreciate some artists and celebrities coming forward and talking about their issues, from a certain point and on, it started feeling like some kind of twisted publicity stunt. And then feminism came in the game too and you have no idea how many depressive feminists appeared on my feed. I mean, there’s some truth to that, considering that women are nowhere to be equal to men in the year 2017, which is quite depressing from alone. However, feminism (for some reason) has become some kind of cult and to be part of it, you need to look like as if you’re out of the pages of some quirky editorial of an underground fashion magazine of the nineties. It’s a very specific look you need to sport!

But all joking aside, it’s quite frustrating seeing mental illness and ideologies being exploited as part of some strange PR angle and self-promotion. And the problem is that a wrong, simplified message is delivered to the young girls and boys, and there’s the possibility that they will see it all as some kind of a cool thing to have or to be which is a bit unsettling, to say the least. Struggling with anxiety and not being able to function in your daily life is definitely not cool. Gender equality is not about throwing some graphic tee on – it’s a fight. And to be able to teach that to our children, we need to educate ourselves first. For once, we need to stop pretending that we are knowledgeable when all we read is just the headlines.

Kendra: Back to the music, what is up with you for the coming months when it comes to music?

Sarah P.: I’m currently producing more music videos for Who Am I I’m also already recording my next album which came as a very spontaneous decision earlier this summer. However, the focus is on Who Am I of course, and there are many exciting things coming up around it. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to announce quite yet, but soon enough!

Kendra: You got married young at 26, so if you had to make a mixtape for the other young couples in love out there…what five songs would have to be on it?

Sarah P.: I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to love songs, so here we go:
I Got You Babe” – Sonny & Cher
This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” – Natalie Cole
My Baby Just Cares For Me” – Nina Simone
Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

PS: These songs were actually included on our wedding playlist. You can never go wrong with the classics!


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