Jumping All In with Aly Ryan

Most of us at 16 are gearing up for the freedom that comes with getting a license. For Aly Ryan, it was about a freedom that goes above and beyond hopping behind the wheel. She took off to the US all by her lonesome and since then has started to build her music career piece by piece, one of them being her latest (amazing) single, “No Parachute.” We chatted about the music, the move and more…

Kendra: Being German-born, have you ever incorporated those German roots into your music? Has that ever crossed your mind?

Aly Ryan: That’s a really good question. You know I’ve never actually incorporated the German language into my music but feel like the fact that English is my second language probably shows a bit in my writing. I’ve seen that a lot in the music people like Max Martin and Denniz Pop have written. There are certain expressions that do not technically make sense in the English language but they feel right. I think I’ve definitely done that!

Kendra: Well whatever inspired your latest single “No Parachute” was wonderful because it’s got this successful hook that will not let go of anyone who listens, but what I loved was the imagery of the song when I saw the artwork, the title and listened. This idea of just letting go and not living with a safety net. What were you going through that caused you to pen this one?

Aly: A lot of things! I think living in fear is always bad and the only way to be happy is to live in the unknown. Because safety and happiness are two things that don’t go together. They’re like opposites. And when I was young I was always afraid of things so when I was 16 and made the move to the U.S by myself that was me taking a big leap of faith, definitely with “No Parachute.” But every risk I’ve ever taken was worth it because if It didn’t get me what I wanted it at least taught me a lesson and isn’t that what life’s about?

Kendra: You definitely jumped all in when you sang the National Anthem at an LA Galaxy. How was that experience and are you crossing your fingers to one day take on the Super Bowl?

Aly: I loved singing the National Anthem. You know I’m so happy coming to America and the way people treat me here and for me singing the National Anthem is really an honor and seeing all the people at the Galaxy so happy and applauding. I truly felt like I was giving back what I was given when I first came here five years ago. And yes It would be a dream come true for me to do the super bowl halftime show and I would give it my all!

Kendra: If so, say you were the headliner of the Halftime Show…what three other artists are backing you up and dueting with you?

Aly: Oh that’s such a tough question. You know I’ve always wanted to rock the stage with Bruce Springsteen. I grew up on his music cuz my dad is a huge fan. I would also love to have Bruno Mars there and maybe another powerful female like Beyoncé.

Kendra: Also, really quick, what was it like to meet a man like Quincy Jones? I feel like it’s intimidating.

Aly: It was awesome. He is a very sweet guy with a great personality!

Kendra: You are still so freaking young (I will never not say that to someone born in the ‘90s). So if you had to make a mixtape based on the year you were born, what five songs would have to be on it that best represent who you are now as an artist?

Aly: Alright here we go:
Unbreak My Heart” – Toni Braxton
Nothing Compares 2 U” – Sinead O’Connor
Don’t Speak” – No Doubt
You Oughta Know” – Alanis Morissette
I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston


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