Shayla Souliere Wins Us “Over”

The rest of the world owes a lot to Canada in terms of pop culture, right? Movies would not be the same without Ryan Gosling and Jim Carrey, TV (and my life) would be lost without Degrassi and music would sound a lot different if Celine Dion had never come about. With all of that, you have to wonder if that great land has any more left in them and the answer is…yes, yes it does and here name is Shayla Souliere.

A young songstress with an essence rivals the latest pop stars heating up the charts, Shayla Souliere delivers modern day pop every time a note spills from her lips. Whether it’s her previous release, “Screw U” or her latest “Over.” Together we talked about the music, being social and so much more…including fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

Kendra: Right now you’re going back and forth between LA and Canada. Have you thought about making the big move to the States for good?

Shayla Souliere: I actually am in the works of planning the move right now. I love LA and can’t wait to do what I love 100% of the time!

Kendra: Being a young artist, your fans are all connected to their phones. How crucial is it for an artist like yourself to stay active on social media?

Shayla: This is so important! Social media is such a huge thing these days and it allows me to be connected with my fans 100% of the time.

Kendra: Going off your latest single, “Over,” what is one trend in life that you are so over right now?

Shayla: I feel like I am in a pretty good place right now! I didn’t actually write “Over” about a specific relationship but after I wrote it I did go through a friendship that could for sure relate to the message of my song “Over.”

Kendra: Again, you’re young and it’s not surprising that you grew up influenced by the likes of Miley and Bieber. Great artists, immense talent but we’ve all seen what fame can do because of them. Does that level of fame ever scare you because of the negativity that can come with it?

Shayla: I grew up loving both those artists! Especially Bieber (as he is my fellow Canadian boy). No, that level of fame doesn’t scare me. It actually makes me so excited for the future! I have such a huge support system, my whole family is really involved with my music and career so I feel pretty confident moving forward.

Kendra: What do you do to stay grounded during everything?

Shayla: My family and friends are great. They really help me with staying grounded. I know in a second if any of them saw me doing or saying something I probably shouldn’t, they would 100% make me aware of it and hold me accountable to it.

Kendra: In the coming months, what can we expect from you? More music, some shows?

Shayla: More music, more covers, and for sure more shows!! I am so excited to release more about what’s to come.

Kendra: Being from one of the best countries out there, Canada, if you had to make a mixtape featuring only fellow Canadians what five songs would have to be on it?

Shayla: Oooooooo!!
Justin Bieber “Sorry
Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean
Drake “Passionfruit
The Weeknd “Starboy
The Weeknd “Can’t Feel My Face


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