Getting Your X’s and O’s with SØF

“Reserved” is just what SØF describes her past self as. She looks back at when she started out in music, “I had this vision of myself as this saccharine and perfect girl who didn’t do or say anything that could potentially shock anyone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being polite and kid-friendly, but I think for awhile I was just flat-out boring. I didn’t want to step on any toes,” adding, “I think a lot of who I am now as SØF stems from being so afraid to speak my mind for such a long time.”

Now she’s all about writing the way she wants and expressing herself in a manner that truly feels like her new self. This includes the latest in her “Single Series,” “XO.” We talked about the single, if there was more to come and a little cattoo she’s rocking.

Kendra: Your latest single, “XO,” comes from a single series. I’ve noticed that’s become more and more the norm for indie artists to do that instead of dropping a full album. Why do you feel that’s a better path in some ways?

SØF: Well, I can’t speak for every indie artist, but I know that for me personally it’s pretty simple: I’m a nobody. Even though I’ve been working at this for the past 10 years, I’m unsigned, people are just hearing my music for the first time, and I’m only now starting to get my name out there on social media. I think if I released a full length album or EP people wouldn’t take the time to listen. I mean, sure, my friends and family who support me would go out of their way, but when a stranger follows you on Twitter and sees you’re an artist with music out, I think people in general are much more inclined to listen to one song rather than an entire discography. You’re lucky if someone streams your song for longer than 30 seconds. I want people to hear my music and I figured singles were the best way to accomplish that.

Kendra: “XO” you’ve noted is actually a song you penned almost three years ago about a relationship that wasn’t doing too well. Where do you think your music would be today if that relationship hadn’t been on the rocks?

SØF: That particular relationship inspired a lot of songs. As a matter of fact, all of the songs I released in my “Singles Series,” with the exception of “The Rush,” were about that relationship, so in this alternate reality where I had never experienced it, I’d probably have an entirely different “Singles Series” – if I still had one at all! I guess I’m pretty thankful for that emotional rollercoaster.

Kendra: Going off another single you released this year, “Shame On Me,” when was the last time you thought or said to someone, “Shame on you!”

SØF: Probably yesterday when I got cut off in traffic. I may have also thought of a few other words that aren’t as polite.

Kendra: Outside of music you’re passionate about philanthropy. What causes are on your mind right now?

SØF: I’ve been really passionate about a lot of different causes throughout my career, but recently I was really emotionally affected by the tragedy in Manchester and the One Love Manchester concert that followed. It was incredible seeing so many people stand so courageously against hate and it was really inspiring and beautiful to me.

Kendra: Will we be getting any more singles from the series this year, or some shows?

SØF: The “Singles Series” is over, with “XO” being the final release, but there may be more coming in the next six months. I can’t give anything away yet, but just know that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. In terms of shows, I’m always playing live and you can check out my gig schedule on my website! On July 21st, I’m going to be in Delaware at the Ladybug Festival so I’m really excited for that.

Kendra: You’re a cat mom and a big cat fan (saw that cattoo!). So if you had to make a mixtape to show how much you loved your furbaby, what five songs would have to be on it?

SØF: Oh my god, that’s so funny. Okay, I’d have to say:
You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman
I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5
You’re My Best Friend” by Queen
The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens
I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

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