In Bloom with Dani Le Rose

While she wouldn’t admit the last lie to spill from her lips, Dani Le Rose was rather open in this exchange. We spoke of her characterization of style, her latest single “I’ve Told Lies” and that one time Ray Lamontagne didn’t appreciate her permanent admiration, and much more.

Kendra: When you headed to Vancouver, was it a career move?

Dani Le Rose: Vancouver is A LOT different than Toronto so it’s been a bit of adjusting to the slow pace. I ended up finding an incredible band out here along with some amazing dancers who have joined my live show. There’s no way I would be doing a solo project if I had stayed in Toronto.

Kendra: You’ve mentioned that “I’ve Told Lies” is this new persona for you. What sparked this new “numb and emotionless character?”.

Dani: It’s actually not a new persona, my character for Dani Le Rose has always been quite emotionless. I find in a lot of my songwriting I’ve got this inner darkness/sadness I can’t seem to shake, even in real life I’ve often put myself in some dangerous situations just so see what the outcome would be, or to understand why people do what they do.

Kendra: Speaking of, what is the last white lie you told and got away with?

Dani: Well, if I told you that then I wouldn’t get away with it…

Kendra: Watching your video for not only “I’ve Told Lies,” but the others…they’re very cinematic. Are you a movie buff?

Dani: I never used to be. I actually didn’t own a TV for years until I got together with my fiancée. He’s an upcoming actor and also a director and he really influenced me in the whole television/film world. I actually recently signed to an acting agent so I was taking acting classes and trying to study how this whole world works on a deeper level. Those classes brought on more anxiety than when I started performing in front of people at open mics…That’s another story. Back to movies; I really love a good thriller. A lot of those movies are so fucked up and you sometimes don’t even make sense. It’s so funny how mad I’ll get at the villain, sometimes I’ll punch pillows or start yelling. I guess I wanted to try and bring out this feeling for my viewers…did it work?

Kendra: You also do some modeling. Did that come before or after the music?

Dani: Modeling actually came from music. Obviously, every musician has to get promo photos done and that’s kinda how that all happened. I remember the first photographer I shot with years ago was going on about my cheek bones? I was like wtf does that mean? A few years later I actually got scouted in Toronto and I ended up going into their office for a meeting and they decided not to sign me because I had too many tattoos so I kinda gave up on modeling for a long time. After moving to Vancouver I got scouted again a couple times and they didn’t even mention my tattoos.

Kendra: Thankfully we’re in 2017 and tattoos are typically no longer an issue for models. Do you have any music related ink?

Dani: This is kind of embarrassing and my friend Joy would understand why. I’m a huge fan of Ray Lamontagne and love the song “Trouble” so one day we both went into this tattoo shop on a whim and got our ribs tattooed. We were so obsessed with him, one time we videotaped ourselves singing his songs and posted it on his Facebook wall and then next day he removed the videos…sad…

Kendra: What’s your next move for this year?

Dani: I’m working on raising some money so I can record a full-length album for you guys. Singles are fun but I can’t afford to pay for all this myself anymore. Luckily Canada has some amazing grant’s we can apply for as artists so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that. I’m also in a band called Jade The Moon and we’re releasing our second album this year. It’s in the mixing stages so I’m hoping you’ll start hearing some new JTM by fall.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for an upcoming photo shoot, what five songs would have to be on it?

Radiohead “15 Step
Alunageorge “Not Above Love
Miguel “Waves
RY X “Howling
James Hersey “Coming Over (Filous Remix)


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