GML: Summer Lovin’

Hello, hello, hello. This coming Monday Fast Romantics will be out for the rest of the month starting in Ohio and ending in Wisconsin. Come the 22nd My Morning Jacket will starttheir summer run throughout August. Check out those dates above.  Now, if you’re in LA you can check out Holy Wars EP release show at The Hit Hat at the end of the month on the 29th. Need more convincing? Check out her latest video here! Next month Have Mercy will be doing something a little different. Two of them will be out on July 12th through the 21st on an acoustic tour. See all those dates below.

In August Ruby Fray will be out almost the entire month from the 9th through the 26; starting and ending in Texas. Around the time Ruby Fray ends, Gracie and Rachel will be heading out on a co-headline tour with Henry Jamison. See them together August 24th through September 15th. Now that we’re in September we can talk about Phoebe Bridgers supporting Conor Oberst from the 1st through the 17th.


Miss Eaves “Thunder Thighs”

Flora Cash “California”

Fast Romantics “Everybody’s Trying to Steal Your Heart”

Kacy Hill “Hard to Love”

Stik Figa “Holding Back Tears”









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