Chances: “Leave the Light On”

It’s been a minute since it hasn’t been an album here with us on a Monday, but ChancesLeave the Light On” was like a wind of serenity after a weekend of bullshit. So here we are talking about the Montreal trio’s latest release.

This one varies from February’s “Shine” in that there was more movement then. “Leave the Light On” is more like a slow dance with your own thoughts. It gives a chance to reflect as you take in every line, and sink into every movement as the tranquil vocals sang of salvation. At times I thought I was listening to a church choir beautifully deliver words that went above my head as I never opened a bible. Instead, I was in my living room with electropop in my earbuds.

Both of Chances singles are available now. If you’re a fan of indie pop with very strong harmonies and electronic undertones, check out their latest “Leave the Light On” as well as their previous, “Shine.”


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