Thursday Tracks: #BlackGirlMagic

Not sure if I would have grown up with the same insecurities had the internet been around back in the day, but it’s really helped me in my adult years. Growing up mixed in a town where black people were far from the norm was not ideal. I sat in tears wishing for lighter skin, straighter hair, a “cuter” nose on the reg. Ridiculous, right? Since now I couldn’t even imagine my life with those things and am happy to have both my mother and my father’s genes in me, and the world wide web is to thank for that. It opened me up to the beauty of natural hair and being oh so proud of my melanin. So now let’s look at some women who truly represent that #BlackGirlMagic in the music realm ❤

Lauryn Hill “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

Brandy “Sittin’ Up In My Room”

TLC “No Scrubs”

Etta James “At Last”

Whitney Houston “I Believe In You And Me”

Janet Jackson “Together Again”

Aaliyah “Back and Forth”

Janelle Monáe “Cold War”

Tracy Chapman “Fast Car”

Mya “Movin’ On”

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