Shannen Moser: Oh, My Heart

No matter where you presently are, everywhere you called home has shaped who you are up until this second. I will forever have a sense of trailer trash within myself that causes me to scoff at the haves acting like the have-nots, and for Shannen Moser the miles of farmland gave way to her appreciation for the rustic folk sound found on her latest, Oh, My Heart.

Back in January Shannen self-released Oh, My Heart and come April it was given the re-mastered treatment and dropped digitally. Now come June 16th it’ll be released physically. So it’s been a long journey for this collection of songs that present the purity of storytelling that lives within Shannen. Straightforward and raw are what comes to mind when playing back songs like “Watershed” and “A Funeral, A Friend, My Sanity.” Other admirable elements included the Appalachian sounds of “I’m Going Home (Sacred Harp)” and the solemn yet calming power of “Yr Undertaker.”

Shannen’s past has truly shaped her present state. Oh, My Heart makes the most out of very little. As it was recorded originally in the solitude of a young woman’s bedroom. Not perfect, but true to who she is as a folk artist. It’s a good listen for those who appreciate honest stories unfolded through song. Oh, My Heart is available now but you can get a physical copy June 16th. Also, check her out on tour soon, dates below:


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