Lorrèn’s Land of Possibilities is Wide Open

Photo Credit: Claire Anin

This week Lorrèn will wrap up her month-long tour, and after that, she’ll work on the final details of heading to Israel to tour once more. A lot is stirring for this singer-songwriter who likes to infuse her old Jazz soul with modern pop. A delight to the ears, we talked about her music, heading out on her own for her latest record and more…

Kendra: Compared to where you were when you recorded Shades of Blue to now with Land of Possibilities, what personal and musical growths have you noticed about yourself?

Lorrèn: What I noticed with the new album is that it is 100% my own project. No producer no label, just me and the musicians I chose and that feels great! Personally, I grew in the sense that it is not my first album, so I knew a little more what to do. For the new album, I decided to work with different songwriters just to see how that would work and I honestly loved it! Half of the new album is co-written. Musically I wanted the album to sound as organic and authentic as possible: what you hear is what you get!

Kendra: Did any of that growth have to do with signing to a new label last year?

Lorrèn: Perhaps a bit. By having the experience of working with two different labels I understood more what to expect from a label. It was because of these experiences that I came to the decision to release the album myself.

Kendra: How has that transition been?

Lorrèn: Good, I talked to different artists who also released their album by themselves and they all said I should give it a try. And so I did.

Kendra: When it comes to an actual Land of Possibilities, do you believe it’s an actual place or more a state of mind?

Lorrèn: I think it’s definitely more a state of mind. Wherever or in whichever situation you may be there is always a new possibility. The “Land of Possibilities” is everywhere you go.

Kendra: Going off your single “In the Now,” how do you try and live in the now on a daily basis?

Lorrèn: I try to let my future and past be what they are. Enjoying the little things in life, be more in the moment itself.

Kendra: New music, touring. What else is on the agenda for 2017 so far? Any summer plans?

Lorrèn: The plan is to play as much as possible with the new album. There are some festivals planned in the summer here in The Netherlands and I’m looking at some other possibilities abroad.

Kendra: Given the task of making a mixtape entitled “The Game of Love,” what five songs would have to be on it?

The Look of Love” – Dianna Krall
What You Don’t Do” – Lianne la Havas
Stronger Than Me” – Amy Winehouse
Better Together” – Jack Johnson
Silly Games” featuring Quinten Huigen from my album will fit in very well or of course my own song “The Game Of Love!”


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