Catching Up with Penny Bridges

A year ago Penny Bridges came our way and in that time she’s done a little of this, and a little of that. Now we’re talking about all that’s gone one, her latest single and what’s to come.

Kendra: In the year that’s passed since we last connected, what have you been up to musically?

Penny Bridges: I’ve really been working towards the vision of what I want to do next really. I put out more songs, did of couple gigs. This year I’m thinking to expand onto what I’ve done so far but go to the next part.

Kendra: You obviously have this new single, “For the Things.” When and where did you pen this one?

Penny Bridges: My producer Thomas Mellor was playing around with some chords, and I started writing these words. It seemed to just come together kinda quickly. It was a song that I wanted to totally free myself within a sense of write in the moment and don’t change it. That’s why the chorus is how it is because it was what I felt and did in the moment I didn’t want to change those moments. So it’s almost was like a daydream out loud.

Kendra: A very soft sound, it reminded me of like what you’d hear at the festival back in the 90’s, Lilith Fair. If that came back and you were invited, who else would you hope was on the bill?

Penny Bridges: Ah thank you, erm, to be honest, I always think it would be wicked to see older bands but when they were younger. Joni Mitchell…there’s so many.

Kendra: Speaking of, did you tour in the past year?

Penny Bridges: I did a couple gigs but this year I would like to know I have done more. It was a lovely experience the feeling of being totally open. In that moment you are away with those listening and yourself.

Kendra: Any dates coming up?

Penny Bridges: I’m hoping to have some dates lined up.

Kendra: Back to the music, will “For the Things” be a part of an album in the near future?

Penny Bridges: I’m not sure if “For The Things” will be put on an album in the near future. But you never know!

Kendra: What do you have planned for the rest of 2017?

Penny Bridges: My plan is to have a video out there, and come out with a project! I’m super excited about that!


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