GML: All The Shows!

This is the first time in a long time I had way more tour announcements than videos to go through so let’s get to it! Cayetana is actually in Pennsylvania as they kick off their tour tonight there. See them out until mid-July. ZZ Ward will also start up in May, but right at the end on May 31st in Illinois. Then it’s out and about until June 22nd when things come to an end in Tennessee. If you miss her then, she’ll be back in October.

Living that tour life in June is Culture Abuse. 12 dates from the first of June through the end of August they’ll be hitting here and there from Hawaii through the UK in that time. Starting up a little later is Hell or Highwater. Come June 9th they’ll be out through July as well. Check out those dates above. Beth Ditto has eight dates to mark on your calendar from June 10th through July 26th. Also, make sure to note she has a new album out that month too! Right in the middle of June on the 15th Turtlenecked will be starting a two-week run in Oregon. Then they’ll head east until they wind down in DC. If you’re down in Australia this summer, scroll down to see where WAAX will be those months.

As for the end of the summer, we have a couple more that came about this week. Chronixx has a handful of dates at the beginning of July on the east coast from Ashbury Pary to Baltimore. Then we have Swirlies representing out west at the beginning of August from California up the coast to Washinton. Now for this week’s video picks!

Heirsound “Proud”

Lift To Experience “Falling From Cloud 9”

Cherryade “Get By”

Japanese Breakfast “Machinist”

Midday Swim “Hold On Tight”


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