Diet Cig: Swear I’m Good At This

The last three nights were spent watching New Found Glory play six of their albums. Which was great. They’re always fine and dandy, but out of all those albums there is ONE song I hold close to my heart. Isn’t that weird? That has me thinking hard about why we love certain artists over others. NFG is the entertaining enigma, but this morning my heart filled when I put on Diet Cig’s Swear I’m Good At This. It took one song for my eyes to open as wide as they could as 7am. Lyrics you don’t hear all too often paired with a sweet ’90s alternative rock meets pop.

Let’s get to that first line. “I did it with a boy with my own name.” Most songs about sex are either hip hop laced “get your freak on” or baby making R&B. Here though, we get some straight up honest to the core words about what went down in the back of a car, and the aftermath. If you love that one and “Sixteen” then becomes your go to jam for the year, then you’re in for the best time ever with the rest of the record because it doesn’t disappoint after that. “Barf Day” gives you something to bounce around to as you sing about ice-cream, while “Blob Zombie” understands your need for never leaving the safety of your own bed.

Sometimes you like a band just because they’re able to never let you down live, and other times you fall in love with them because they sing about things that instantly catch your attention like fucking in a car, sweet treats and tummy aches. If you’re looking for a new album to check out that has a great sound on top of very to the point lyrics, make sure to check out Diet Cig’s Swear I’m Good At This – out now. Also, note they are at the end of their spring run right now in California.


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