Wrapped in the Covers: Paramore “Hard Times”

And to think that I was going to go awhile without doing yet another Paramore feature, but then they went and released a new song and I fell head over heels. We all go through shit but lawd, this year has made me laugh at what I once complained about. Falling in love, getting engaged and between that finding out the person who makes me feel totally fine with who I am has cancer. So hard times, yeah we’ve faced a pretty big dose this year and I promise that when we make it through this, we’ll dance hard AF to this song at our wedding.

When Paramore released their self-titled a few years ago, every other word hit hard, and to this day I am still holding onto those songs like they are the gospel, so I am beyond stoked to hear what comes with the new album come May 12th. In the mean time, let’s take a listen to these “Hard Times” covers that popped over the last week. Also, special shout out to Janethan for singing this song in a manner that made me start crying ❤


Izie Naylor


Emma Blackery


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