The Glass Child: The Silence Now

The last couple of months I’ve been thinking hard about the characterization of those of us in reality. We focus so much on it in fiction, but when it comes to what’s real, it’s like we don’t even care about the growth of who we are as human beings. That’s been on my mind as of late, but it also came back around when listening to The Glass Child’s The Silence Now because since the day we first came to know one another, she’s been someone I view as both real and fiction all at once.

A living and breathing storyteller, The Glass Child always has some sort of gem up her sleeve. This time around it’s The Silence Now, an album that showcases a true growth in who she is as an artist. Listening to “Broadripple Is Burning” and “Sister” I heard great singer-songwriter qualities, the type she’s always had. It was “White Spaces” and “Time, It Goes” that really showcased that growth though. More serene overall in delivery, but still packing power in her voice.

The Glass Child is as interesting a real person as she is this fictitious hero in my mind. A free spirit with a knack for the word both written and sung, an artist in the purest form. As my mind goes back to the characterization of people, I feel like for an artist such as The Glass Child that growth comes naturally as she lives her life like a modern day gypsy of sorts; wandering, observing and reporting through song. Fans of Christina Perri and Ingrid Michaelson would adore listening to The Silence Now on repeat. So no more wasting time, get it because it’s out now!


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