GML: Match It


First off, just wanna do a little personal plug. If you are able to – please register to be a bone marrow donor. I don’t understand the science of all of it, but for some reason we can all get a blood donor. That’s easy, but bone marrow? Yeah, met a lady who didn’t match the 12 million in the database, but a few weeks later got her match when someone new popped up. So you just never know. With that, here’s Be a Match! Potentially save a life! Now for some music business. In a week you can see Thin Lips as they kick off a good run in New Jersey. You can check out all of their dates above.

Moving onto May…because can you believe it, it’s not too far away? Gabriel Garzon-Montano sill be out on the road starting the 8th in California. From there he’ll make his way all the way to Ontario up in Canada. While we’re in May we’ll talk about All Our Exes Live in Texas. They’ll be going from Colorado to Washington the last week of May. KLP will also be starting an Aussie run at the end of that month as well. Check out where she’ll be from May through July below. Lastly, Zeal & Ardor will hit the biggies in August 19th through the 23rd when they go from LA to NYC. Now take a look at this week’s video picks!

That One Eyed Kid “Burn Out Right”

The Great Enough “Can You Relate?”

Lilac Lungs “Uh Oh”

Civil Youth “Between Me & You”

Waters “Molly Is A Babe”


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